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I am new to forum, love all of the information!
We do not have a budgie yet and I am doing as much research as I can before we get one.
We are having our hardwood floors refinished in early June and I was wondering how long should we wait to get a bird after the floors are redone?
We will be using an oil base and not a water base and I know the filler they use for the cracks is what produces the most oder.

I am hoping there might be someone who has been through this and knows how long we should wait to bring a bird into the house.
Thank you!

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I am not sure what to tell you about the oil base on the floor. It does not sound safe. I remember as a boy we lived upstairs from where the owner , who was a painter, used to mix paints in the basement below us, and we lost a few budgies from that . I was just a boy, had no say about it. I would not put a bird in the room you are fixing.

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Hi Bridy

I haven't any personal experience of this.
I've attached a couple of links for you. The first is regarding VOCs - perhaps you could find out what exact substances will be used and contact the manufacturers to find out what their 'off gassing' periods are.
The second link, I can not verify the accuracy of its information, but it states "until doors have dissipated" - that is of course a very subjective statement and I wouldn't like to say that it wouldn't definitely be safe then.

Perhaps you could wait until all noticeable odour has disappeared (when coming into the house from outdoors when it will be most noticeable) and then when you first get your bird consider initially housing it in a different room (if there is one) to allow it to settle and assess its health & behaviour, so that when it is eventually moved into a hard-floor room, you will be better placed to quickly notice any possible changes.

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Hi! :welcome: to Talk Budgies

I'm so glad you are doing all of your research before bringing a budgie into your hearts and home.

I would recommend waiting a minimum of three months after having the floors refinished before bringing a budgie into your home.

During that time, try to ensure the house is aired out as much as possible to ensure all residual fumes have been eradicated.
Just because a human no longer detects the odor doesn't mean that it isn't there and the fumes will be very toxic to a small bird.

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