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regurgitating or vomiting?

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My 7 month old budgie Ace started spitting up seeds while on my shoulder today. She (idk the gender, i just call Ace she) hasnt had any change in diet or anything. I was sitting on the couch with her on my shoulder, and i started to notice seeds were flying into my ear and face and hair and onto the floor! so i looked at her and heres what she'd do: bob her head a few times, and then shake her head side to side vigorously and send whole seeds flying.

i sat her to the side of the couch and got up to clean everything off, but she jumped back onto my shirt immediately. she always sits calmly wherever i place her so i took notice. other than the seed spitting her behavior has been normal.
i read an answer that said it's vomiting if the budgie scatters the seeds everywhere, but idk what answer to follow. im just hoping Ace isnt sick :(
is she sick, or does it sound like displays of affection?
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Hi there,

From your description, it really seems like she has vomited. Normal and healthy regurgitation is done in a controlled way and the budgie doesn't move the head to the sides (left and right). They simply do the regurgitation motion to bring up the seeds and then the beak directs the incoming seeds onto a specific place, there is no scattering of loose seed as the seeds are usually clumped together.

It's possible Ace had a tummy upset and in this case, it's best to keep a close eye on her. Pay attention to her energy levels and food intake. If you notice a decrease in activity/singing and appetite and if Ace vomits again, then you will really need to have her checked by an avian vet, so that she is properly diagnosed and treated.

Best of luck with your Ace!
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thanks for such a quick response. heres an update: she vomited again, and right afterwards she dashed to her seeds and ate a bunch.
im keeping close watch and have a heating lamp set up next to her cage.

im thinking the seeds might be going bad or something? they were new though..
if this persists i'll go to the avian vet.
The fact that she vomited again is troubling, I would get a vet appointment ASAP. Have you read this article, especially the part about vomiting....
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I agree, sometimes it's a one-time thing but since she did it again, I really would take her to an avian vet for a check up :)

Hope to hear good news, I hope little Ace feels better quickly! :fingerx:
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