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Reporting a Thread:

If there is a problem with a notice not linking properly to the appropriate thread, rather than posting in that thread regarding the problem, please report the issue to the TB staff.

If you believe a thread or post is not in compliance with the Talk Budgies Site Guidelines, please report the offending thread/post.

Do not take it upon yourself to engage with the member who made the thread as that will only escalate any possible problems.

It is also possible to report inappropriate Private Messages in the same manner.

Moved Threads

Occasionally, a member will post a thread in a section of the forum and the staff will decide the thread would be more appropriately placed in a different section of the forum.

When staff member determines the thread belongs in a different forum section, it will be moved to the appropriate section.

User ID Changes:

A member's User ID can be changed but please keep in mind that such changes can be confusing to other members.

Any User ID change is at the discretion of the forum Administrators.

Only Administrators can change User IDs.
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