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I live on the east coast of Australia. Over a week ago someone in the community found this Budgie sitting on the side of the road, and took in to the vet where my sister works as a nurse. The bird was very hungry an thirsty and was kept for 4 days but no calls came through and no one was posting anything on any Facebook groups.
The bird has a breeders tag on its leg, and I am not from the area of Australia where they originate, so it is definitely not wild.
I decided to take this bird in. I grew up with cockatiels and was excited to have a bird as a pet again, but it has been 5 days and I think I may have to rehome him/her.
I have a suspicion this bird maybe came from an aviary (although I'm not sure how old it is) because it has no interest in interacting with people, and it definitely doesn't like being touched. Although it doesn't mind having hands in its cage, and on occasion it will eat from my hands but has no interest in getting on my finger or having any kind of scratches. And every time it hears any parrots outside the window it will panic fly in its cage and distress call to them.
I know they are flock animals and I know he/she will need a lot of social time, but I'm not sure if any interaction from me will be enough.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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