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I know that fabric is not safe for budgies because of the issue of fabric chewing.
I’m a relatively new budgie owner (6mths) and I got a couple of those wooden rope ladders and I left them in the cage because my budgies never chewed on the fabric, they have plenty of shredding toys in the cage and in the play area outside.

I’ve for the first time noticed that they were chewing on the fabric today.
I have two long-ish rope ladders on top of the flight cage and they love hanging out up there. I’ve looked online but I couldn’t find any suitable wooden ones, only the colourful rather stiff ones.
Does anyone know if I could replace the rope with anything suitable? Or have a link to any online shop that sell suitable hanging ladders (in the U.K.) that are not those stiff colourful ones but natural wood type ones?
Any advice much appreciated.
Thank you!

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What are your budgies' names?
Do you have males, females or a mixed gender pair?
Do you have pictures of them you can share?

Please post a picture of the cage and the rope ladders you are referencing.
I will be happy to try to help you but need to see exactly what you are using now. :)

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