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Runny, lime green poop of Budgie

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I am owner of budgie pair (Sky and Blue) , It has been 5 month they are with me , from last 1 month i have been noticing poop of Blue (female), Its very runny and lime green in color, firstly i thought it is because i used to give them spinach so it can cause of watery poop so i stopped giving them spinach but poop was still runny and lime green color also her behavior suddenly changed she started fighting to Sky (Male) over food, so i researched about it and found a site, where is says that this type of poop can be because of substantial disturbances of the internal organs, link of website- Droppings as disease indicators - Health and diseases - Birds Online , i have attached poop photo also, although it is not photo of my budgie's poop but it looks exactly the same. Is this is condition of emergency ?, If this can be treated in home ?, I am unable to go to an avian vet because when i searched for a certified avian vet i found that he is 300 km away from my place so i am unable to go there without a emergency condition,there are many local vet in my town but they mostly treat dogs and cat so i cannot take risk because they don't have any experience with birds, since My father is a Doctor (Professional degree in medicine) so i told him about budgie health and told him that may be budgie will need medicine to be get treated so i randomly told him about enrofloxacin, he said that it is simple ofloxacin medicine which is available for humans also ,he said that if human ofloxacin can be given to budgies he can provide pure liquid ofloxacin so i want know that human medicine can be given to budgies in proper dose ? Please help before its too late :sky blue: :sad:


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According to the site you liked, the dropping in that pictures are likely caused by liver issues. Antibiotics aren't going to treat that, especially if its fatty liver disease.

Giving the wrong medicine could make her sicker or even kill her. She needs a vet, any vet is better than just guessing and giving her human medicine.

Call all the vets in your are and surrounding area, you should be able to find someone who knows at least a little about birds.
It is not advisable to treat your bird with any medication unless you know what you are treating for and have been given direction by a vet. Using the incorrect medicine/ dosage may make things worse and you will be putting undue stress on your bird for nothing. Since this has been going on for several months you need to have the bird seen by a vet. Maybe one of your local vets would be willing to consult with an avian vet for you and your bird, have you asked any of them about that option? Are there any exotic vets in your area that see birds, that would be another option. What do you feed your bird? Many times green colored urates, which is the lighter portion of the dropping, can be due to a liver problem. Without an analysis from the vet you cannot determine the cause and the correct treatment.
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I'm very sorry your little budgie is ill. :hug:

While it is very challenging for people who live in countries with few or no Avian Vets, there are steps you can take to help ensure your budgies' health.

With the right motivation, you can work with a regular or veterinarian to get the proper care for your budgie(s).

You will want to do as much research as you can and learn as much about budgies and the best practices for their care so you can provide your little ones with the best possible life. :)

We have a member in India who has done this and has developed a great relationship with a regular vet.
With the member's research and the vet's collaboration, they have found ways of providing care for her budgie that she would have not been able to manage otherwise.

When you develop a good relationship with a regular veterinarian, that individual can collaborate via telephone or Skype with Avian Veterinarians in other countries if necessary to get assistance in appropriate diagnosing and prescribing treatment for your Avian companions.

Birds are an entirely different species than humans and trying to diagnose your budgie from what you see/read on-line is like trying to diagnose a human being from what you read.
It simply isn't advisable.
There are too many factors that must be taken into consideration.

At the very least, you can consult an on-line Avian veterinarian for assistance.

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Thanks for suggestion , I think it will be right to go to vet , althrough her poop is bad she is active, chirping , flying , her poop become runny sometime and sometime it become normal. I give him millets and variety of seeds , and occasionally curry leaves, spaghetti , daily veggies are beans , lot a other veggies (i forgot english name XD sry )
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