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Safe Metals to Use for Toys

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There have been several questions regarding safe metals one can use for making Budgie Toys.

Stainless Steel

Steel and Iron

Safe but rust when introduced to water.
Rust is Not safe for budgies


Does not rust but corrodes into an aluminum oxide, a grayish white substance that is powdery in appearance.
Aluminum oxide is non-toxic when ingested or handled.

Nickel Plated

Most of the metals parts that come with toys from reputable stores and manufacturers will be either stainless steel or nickel plated.

Budgies cannot chew through nickel plating so nickel plated metal used for toys is considered to be safe.

Heavy Metal Poisoning can result from: Zinc, Lead, Copper, Mercury and peeling Chrome

Heavy Metal Poisoning in Budgies - Budgie Health

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