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Sakura's Mutation???

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Barty and Violet have now sucessfully weaned their first chick who is now named Sakura and is a girl.
I was wondering what her mutation is and which parent was carrying it? (Probably Violet of course)

Pictures of Sakura:

and Her father, Barty:

her mother, Violet:

and the whole family together:

I can see that Sakura had the same kind of colouring as her mother, but is a lot brighter...what caused this???

I will post Barty and Violet's mutations when I find them :rolleyes: :p.
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This was posted, by of course, Nev, when I asked about Barty and Violet's mutation. Thanks again Nev :D!

Barty is a Type 2 yellow face recessive pied cobalt. He looks mostly yellow because the yellow has run into the white. Violet is Opaline cobalt (with possibly 1 violet factor)
I love your baby. I would lean towards boy with those pics though but I am no expert. I also do not know much about mutations but I wonder if the yellow on your male is making blue look green? My babies are starting to darken a bit and they look like mom but much closer. I would bet he will just darken a bit. So maybe sky blue?

Okay enough guessing someone with a clue will be along soon :)
What a beautiful little family.:D
Lol thanks :)!
Lol, I'm just assuming that Sakura/Ryu is a girl because that is what the majority of people have said but I hope soon I will get to know for sure...:p.
The baby is a Normal violet and yep she got her color from her mom :)

if they would of had more then one, there prob. would of been Opalines in there as well.
Thankyou :D!
At least now I now Sakura's mutation and where it came from :)
Violet is a Violet Opaline, I think Barty is a Sky Blue Recessive Pied YF2..but don't quote me on that.
I'm pretty sure Sakura is a Sky Blue/Violet Normal. She is beautiful by the way. :)
very pretty! The yellow one with the greenish blue is just so pretty!:budgie::budgie:
Sakura is a normal cobalt with a violet factor. The colour and mutation has come from both parents. If this pair are not split for any other mutations they would be expected to produce all normal type chicks in the blue series and half of them will inherit yellow face. If Violet is double factor violet all the chicks would also inherit (single factor) violet but if she is single factor violet only half the chicks would inherit the violet

To get chicks the same as Barty, Violet would need to be split for recessive pied. To get opaline chicks like violet, Barty would have to be split for opaline
Sakura is a cobalt blue with a violet factor. By the way very cute family!!!
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