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Sammy took his first bath... finally!

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Hi!!! :budgie:

I've been working with Sammy at the kitchen sink, where he loves to watch the water fall from the faucet. Over the past 2 months, I've got him from my shoulder to the faucet, and now onto my hand, and now into the hand that's collecting the water.

Today, FINALLY, he put his head into the collected water and shimmied around for about 2 seconds! His first bath! :)

I am so happy because Sammy hates the idea of a bath. He doesn't like to bathe in a bathtub, nor in wet leaves, nor does he like being misted with a spray bottle. Thank goodness we found something that he might enjoy eventually! :)

We leave on Wednesday for 12 days in the USA! I'm going to defend my doctoral thesis, so please wish me lots of luck on September 3! Sammy will be staying with his breeder (in the house, away from the outdoor aviary) and Watson, our schnauzer, will be staying at a residence for doggies. :)

See you all after vacation! Have a great few weeks!! :)
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Yay, another little milestone for Sammy, that's great! :D
Have a nice and safe trip! The flock of 13 and I are sending much luck and good vibes, I'm sure you'll do an excellent job in defending your thesis.
Good luck in defending your thesis Bethany, you'll do great :)
Yay Sammy! Keoki loves bathing in the bird bath with some fresh parsley floating about. Kalani isn't too keen, but he does go in once in awhile. Keoki will keep going back in and paddling about, its so cute. :)

Good luck with your thesis!
Yaaaay :jumping: Sammy!! :urock: Well done, buddy. :)

I hope your trip is wonderful and I'm SURE you'll do great during your defense of your thesis. We'll be thinking of you and looking forward to seeing you when you get back. :hug:
Yay for Sammy! So glad he's no longer bath shy and we'd love to see some photos too. :D :thumbsup:
Alright Sammy...good boy...:cool:

Enjoy your trip to the USA...I am betting you will do great...:)
Yay for Sammy! Bathing is so much fun, no matter the method.

Bethany, blessings on your travels to the states. You will do a wonderful job defending your thesis.
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