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Schwepp's Training Journal

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Being the First Day of the month, now would be a good time to start fresh with a new journal tracking down Schwepp's Progress through out trick-training her. So far she is just over 3 years old and knows 'Bop' (bopping up and down). She knows the voice command 'bop' or the signal (Index finger moves up and down and she follows it). She will also bop if you bop and will also bop when you ask her a yes or no question which is hilarious to watch! :laughing:

She is also target trained and will follow the target (A skewer) all around as she knows she gets a tasty Millet Spray in return for biting it. :D Using the Target Training I am in the Midst of teaching her to 'Spin' which can easily be accomplished using the Target but has not been learnt without the Target yet. The only reason she hasn't learnt this new trick yet is because I have been too lazy to teach it to her. So now that it's the start of the month, I'm getting back into Non-Lazy mood and am going back to training Schwepp every day at 4pm for 2-5 minutes.

In the future I plan to also teach her how to put the Rings on the Pegs and how to 'Pack Up' her toys.

Hopefully I will post in My Training Journal Every Weekend. Can't Wait for the Next Post and I'm Sure Schwepp Can't Wait to Get More Millet Spray!!!

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Sounds like you've already got a good start!
I look forward to hearing more about your
training of Schwepp :)
Sounds like a good idea!! If you can fit in a few more little training sessions through the day too, it'll progress much faster too, but even once a day is brilliant; I look forward to hearing your progress next weekend! :)
Today I made a good start by remembering to train Schwepp! I only did a short training session lasting for only about a minute or two but it was very quick and successful. I did a few target-training refreshes (Told her to catch the target a few times) and also got her to spin around about three times. Hopefully now that i'm going to train her every day she will learn the spin command very shortly.

In response to your post (flyingduster) I did used to train her for 5 minutes in the morning and five minutes in the afternoon but like I said earlier I got a bit slack and decided I would train her at the same time without missing any sessions every day. I figured I would achieve this by missing out on the morning session since I usually don't have time to fit that in any more.

I am setting a goal of being able to achieve the Spin command by Saturday, which gives me a good 6 days to teach her. It may be extended since I am only doing one session a day with her.

I look forward to writing in Schwepp's Training Journal again next weekend. :D
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You're doing really well!

For what it's worth, here's how I would introduce "Spin" or "Turn Around" to a clicker trained bird who's mastered target:

* Lead them through the turn around with your hand holding the target stick over their head, and drawing them through the circle. Let them catch it when they've finished the turn, then click and reward.
* Gradually replace the stick with your finger, sliding the stick upwards until they're just following your finger around through the circle. Introduce the command "spin" or "turn around".
* Make the gesture in front of them, rather than overhead, using the command.

Job done - unless you want to get them to spin in different directions :D
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Unfortunately Schwepp has not learnt the Spin command yet as I have not really been focusing on it. I accidentally missed 2 training sessions (which will not happen again now that I've got my checklist). One of the sessions was not going well at all as Schwepp was not interested in the target at all. The training session today was a bit random since I was trying to get a picture of her biting the Target for the TalkParrots competition which turned out blurry and not very good. So in total she only had about 3 productive lessons this week.

Thank you for the Spin trick tips Wiki. I'm sure I will find them very helpful. What I've been doing is saying the command 'Spin', then using the target I get Schwepp to follow it around in a circle. Before she touches the target once she's finished her circle I take the target away (I don't let her touch it at all unless if she's Target Training). I then click and reward.

I think your way sounds much better though and I am definitely considering using your technique. Thanks for posting it!
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