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Screeching Budgies

Budgies like to make noise -- this is normal and natural.

They are not quiet so if you want a very quiet pet, a budgie may not be the right choice for you.

What is screeching?
Screeching is a common noise made by mostly all budgies. It sounds almost like an ACK ACK ACK!! sound.

Why is my budgie(s) making this very annoying noise?
Budgies screech for many different reasons.

First, you have to know about wild budgies, if you don't already.
Wild budgies live in large flocks in the hot outbacks of Australia. Since it is so hot, there is not much water. So, in the wild, when a budgie sees water, it will screech.
It is flock calling to its flock saying "Hey! I found water!"
So, what does this have to do with our pet budgies screeching?
Well, sometimes when you run your water, you might notice that your budgie is screeching.
This is instinct kicking in, calling to its flock that there is water nearby.

Another instinct thing happens near sundown.
In the wild, when it is starting to get dark, a budgie will screech. He is basically saying to his flock "Hey! Get back to the tree, it is getting dark out!"
Think of it like a mother yelling for her kid to get back before it gets too dark.
So, if your budgie starts to screech as it is getting dark, you will know that it is just instinct.

It is upset - Sometimes when a budgie gets scared, or it doesn't like something, he will start screeching, basically saying "Hey! I'm upset here!"

Attention - With my budgie Finnigan, he will screech of he wants me to come over and play with him, or just to talk to him. This is another reason for screeching

For Fun - Of course, the budgie may just be screeching for the fun of it. Especially during their "hyper time", they can be loud

Can screeching be stopped?

Not completely, but it can be lessened when you learn to encourage good behavior rather than trying to "punish" bad behavior.


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