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Separation anxiety from Daisy?

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Hi guys,

Because Ollie has bumblefoot I have had to separate Ollie and Daisy into two cages so Daisy doesn't get his antibiotics. During the day they get out of cage time to fly around and be affectionate with each other. In the evening I put them back into separate cages. I feel bad though, because Ollie spends most of his time climbing the side of the cage trying to get out/get to Daisy. She seems at ease, but he doesn't. I'm concerned because I've hardly seen him eat since yesterday. I've seen him eat a bit of seed but that's it. I haven't seen him eat nearly as much as he usually does, or even touch his pellets or brocolli. I'm weighing up just putting them together again. When Ollie had watery droppings in the past the vet said it wouldn't hurt Daisy if she got the antibiotics too. But it makes sense not to expose her to them if she doesn't need them (I know antibiotics always give me other bad symptoms). But just I'm worried that he's not eating enough.

Thoughts?? :juggle:
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Could you maybe feed them while they're having out of cage time? At least until Ollie gets used to not having Daisy in the same cage all the time?
When they're having out of cage time they're usually doing laps around the room and sitting up high preening each other and chattering, since I've had to start "grabbing" them, they have been less confident to coming to me, so I'm not sure.
Are the antibiotics being given via water rather than administered orally via syringe?

Antibiotics administered orally via syringe usually are more effective as you can never be sure how much water a budgie is drinking.

If Ollie's medication is being given via water, I would definitely not recommend putting him back in the same cage as Daisy.
Allowing Daisy to ingest antibiotics when they are not needed, will make her build up an immunity to the antibiotics. This would render them impotent if she were to actually need them in the future.
The anti-biotics are being administered by water, I was not directed to give them orally- just either over the feed or in water.

Thanks, that's so true. I wont put them back together, but I am concerned about Ollie eating. I put Ollie in Daisy's cage today right before out of cage time, and saw him eating seed with her, which is good.
Make sure you have food available for them during the out-of-cage time as well.

Maybe make a big fuss over the food you offer during out of cage time to get them interested in it.
I don't normally offer them food during out of cage time because they normally feel free to fly back and forth whenever they want, but I will make sure to now. Thanks Deborah :)
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