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I've decided to come up with a short list of different ways to give fruits and veggies to your budgies! :) But keep in mind that if one method doesn't work, don't stop altogether! Every budgie is different and has his or her own preferences. Some may be picky! :p

However, remember to never leave fruit or vegetables out for longer than a few hours. The food may start to wilt, and different flies can be attracted to the old food as well.

A list of safe fruits and vegetables for budgies can be found here:

Ways to Serve Fruits and Veggies: :)
Hanging in Cage:
This method is quite popular because it is efficient, not too messy, and convenient! I take a thin slice of apple, a leaf or lettuce, or a carrot and wedge it in between the bars of my budgies' cage. They are then just able to nibble on it.
Tip: Put the piece of fruit/veggie in a place that is easily accessible by the bird. This may be near a food or water bowl or by a favorite perch. :)

A nice wedge of an apple:

Lettuce leaf:

I use binder clips or laundry clips to attach the food to the bars of the cage:
Binder clip:

Laundry clip:

Who knew that budgies could eat fruit kabobs? :p Take a strong wire and put some chunks of fruit, or vegetables, onto it! Then, when you're done, curl the ends of the wire into circles so the budgies can't hurt or poke themselves on the wire.

A typical fruit kabob may look like this:

Here's how you may want to bend the ends for safety purposes (look at the lower, left side of the wire):

Many budgies prefer just a dish of chopped up fruits and vegetables. You can put them in a flat and shallow pie dish, or even on a plate! (Hopefully not your finest china :p) The dish can then be placed in the bottom of a cage or out during your budgies' playtime.
Tip: If you have a dish in the bottom of your cage, be sure to remove it even after an hour or so. The budgies may poop in the dish and onto the food!

Here's what a typical "fruit salad" (human sized! :p) may look like!

All budgies like different textures, so keep in mind these ways to prepare the foods:
-Shredded (carrots work well)
-Halved (grapes or round fruits)
*For boiling and steaming, make sure the food has cooled down before serving to your budgies :)*

I hope this helps everyone with their worries about feeding their budgie the healthy, essential nutrients they need to thrive :)

Variation of all foods are important, and keep on trying and introducing new fruits/veggies to your budgie to keep them as healthy as possible! Don't give up- even when you think that stubborn budgie won't budge! :D
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