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Short distances travel carrier

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Hello everyone! What with Thanksgiving here in the U.S. just 2 days away, I figured I would show you all how my budgies/parrot will be traveling. Please keep in mind, this carrier is only safe for very short travel (I'd say MAX 30 minutes) and this one is used for my Mini Macaw. You will have to use a smaller box for your budgies. Just make sure the box is pretty tall so you don't have birds flying around your car when they climb/jump out. If it has foldable sides, cut them off. Here are the actual instructions. :)

What you'll need:
5 paperclips/clothespins
2-4 blankets (depending on how cold it is)
1 dish towel or shower cloth (make sure its ok if it gets pooped on!)
1 box (preferably cardboard, doesn't matter as long as it doesn't have holes)
1 or more birds! :)

1. Get a nice, medium sized box (doesn't have to be cardboard, just make sure it doesn't have holes in it).

2. Fold up a blanket and set it flat at the bottom of the box.

3. Taking another blanket, lay it over the box so it doesn't droop. Then, push it all the way down into the bottom and corners, making like a sac if you picked it up again.

4. Lay the dish towel on the bottom, flat. (go browns, ehh? :giggle: )

5. Now, using the paperclips/clothespins, secure the blanket. (one on each side of the box- in the middle)

6. If you have a rectangle box, fold one of the longer sides blanket part over to the opposite side (if you didn't have the clips in it would fall to the bottom). If you have a square box, you can do this on any side. Notice how it doesn't go all the way to the other side.

7. Take the opposite side, and do the same thing.

8. Now pin the loose side of the blanket you just folded over down.

9. Once that side is secure, fold either side of the open end back over, making a triangle on the top of the box.

10. Here, you can open up the corner of the cover as a breathing hole. If you did it right, your bird shouldn't be able to climb out.

And there you have it! I know it's terribly confusing, as it is my first DIY. Please bear with me. :eek: If you need specific clarifications, just ask! But it's basically a blanket in a box, lol! :rolleyes:
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it looks warm :)
Great post Gabby! I have to agree, it does look very nice and warm :giggle:
Thanks so much for making it a sticky! :D
this is amazing bc i want to take mine on trips with me but i wasnt sure how that was going to work thanks!
Thank you! :D
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