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I have 2 parakeets, a girl which is puffer and Marley which is a boy. I have had puffer since last December with another budgie. The other budgie unfortunately passed because of an illness he had. I then bought Marley in June so puffer would not be lonely. Since I bought Marley home he's very shy. He never plays with toys, flies away every time I even go close to him, and does not play with puffer. The most the will do together is preen each other. Puffer tries to play with Marley but he just stands there and puffer begins to get aggravated and tries to bite Marley. I know he is not sick as I have experience with a sick bird and he is not showing any symptoms. Can somebody please give me some advice on this situation.

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Hi and :welcome: to Talk Budgies!

It would be helpful if you could provide more information about your budgies. :)

Posting pictures of the two of them will allow us to determine the genders of Puffer and Marley are accurate.

How large is the cage the two are in?
How old is Marley?
Have you spent time with him one-on-one away from Puffer to help him learn to trust you?
Do you have a second cage so you can separate the two of them if needed for training purposes?
(Having a second cage for use as a hospital cage is always recommended)
Have you taken the time to read through the stickies in the Training and Bonding section of the forum? There are very good tips there. :D

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Hello, and welcome to talk budgies. I agree with Deborah, pics and more info will help in trying to evaluate what some of the issues may be...:)
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