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sick budgie? first time bird owner

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Hi there, my budgie has been doing this thing for a while now where she will move her beak as if chirping or singing but with not a single sound. Appetite is ok, sometimes she'll concurrently grind her beak or stretch her wings or neck.

I was wondering if i should take her to the vet after reading more threads and learning this may be a sign of respiratory infection-- I have heard her sneeze a few times this week.

I've personally never taken her to the vet before and she's not hand trained--She's got some trauma around hands it seems :( I'm concerned that the stress of the vet trip might be too much for her.

Any advice appreciated, I'm kind of at a loss and want her to get better!
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There is a movement that you will see a budgie do when they are adjusting the crop, the mouth opens a few times and the necks stretches, this is normal, could that be what your bird is doing? When she sneezes is there any discharge or are the feathers above her cere discolored?
thank you for replying so fast! I was thinking she could just be adjusting, but she keeps doing it for up to 30 seconds at a time... No discharge or discoloration that I can see. Could it be dust or particles in the air bothering her?
She does sometimes do this as well. But the behavior I just observed was her beak was moving as if she was chirping and singing like normal but no sound.
I will take a video and post next time i see it happen, thank you so much for your help.
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Thanks everyone for your help--
I took her to urgent care vet yesterday after trying to film her episodes and witnessing foam coming out of her beak. they think upper respiratory infection and gave me anitibiotics to give her twice a day, and it was looking like she was on the road to recovery. I put her in new room with heater and humidifier on since then.

I gave her her morning dose with no huge issues and I've seen her eating, but she's seemed extemely tired and has been very puffed up and just a few minutes ago she hopped voluntarily to the bottom of her cage and has been resting there... I'm very worried. Is there anything more I can do for her? :(
She passed yesterday... Thank you both for your help. I'm comforted only knowing she wasn't alone, she was comfortable and that I did what I could.
To anyone else reading, keep a close eye on when your birds are acting different and treasure every moment with them. Make sure they live life to the fullest <3
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