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So, my mom came home last week and unexpectedly brought home two budgies. I was kind of mad at first because I didn't want the responsibility, but she insisted in keeping them and after having them for almost a week I've grown quite attached to them.

Anyways, I've noticed that one of my two budgies is always fluffed up. I've also noticed droppings that are stuck to his vent area--he'll pick them off, but every time he goes number two it'll stick to his feathers. I do have the option of returning him and exchanging him for another bird, but at this point I don't really have the heart to take him back. I'm going to take him to the vet this weekend, but in the meantime is there any way to clean the poop off his vent area?

He's not finger-tamed yet, but I'm able to get him to perch on my finger whilst in the cage. I don't want to do anything to upset him and distrust me. This is pretty much my first time owning a parrot, so any responses is greatly appreciated.


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Hello and :welcome: to the forums!

Congratulations on your new friends, and I'm glad you're starting to be attached to them :) It's hard not to, with their fluffy little cheeks and cute little faces :giggle:

Well, unfortunately, your budgie does sound sick. Stress can cause symptoms like this but since they've been there already for a week, if it were stress related, it likely would have mostly faded by now.

You must watch carefully to ensure his vent doesn't get clogged up--this can be fatal. If he continues picking it off, that's good. As you wait for a vet appointment (you should take him to the vet for a proper diagnosis), if he doesn't seem to be cleaning his vent properly, you should put on a pair of gloves or something similar and gently reach in and grab him. With a soft cloth or a cotton ball, gently wash the poop of his vent with warm water. Diluted chamomile tea works well, also, and reduces possible inflammation. Make sure to do it quickly and gently, before putting him back. The gloves will reduce his fear of your bare hands as you progress in taming.

Make sure to keep an eye on his appetite and monitor his condition from now until the vet visit to ensure any other symptoms are dealt with as soon as they are noticed.

I hope your little budgie is okay and we'd love to see pictures of both of them when you get a chance!

Hope to see you around and it's great you've decided to join us ;) As you read through the forum, if you have any questions, be sure to ask :D


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Hi and :welcome: to Talk Budgies!

Star has given you excellent advice. :thumbsup:

Avian Vets have special training to determine the cause of symptoms resulting from illness or trauma.
When you rely on unskilled individuals, you delay effective treatment. This can prolong suffering that may be avoidable.
The bird will often require a more intense, prolonged treatment with a poorer chance of full recover than it would have if you
seek prompt professional diagnosis and treatment at the first sign of illness.

Having your new budgie examined by an Avian Vet allows you to develop a good relationship with the vet in case your bird needs care for an injury or illness in the future. Additionally, it is always helpful for the vet to have a baseline for your bird to refer to should it need future treatment.

To familiarize yourself with the forums, please take the time to read through all of the How To Guides, the FAQs and the stickies located at the top of each section of the forum.
You'll find most of your basic questions are answered after you've read through all of them.

I'm looking forward to hearing all about your budgies and hopefully seeing some pictures :photo: soon!! Rules and Guidelines
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Glad you decided to join us and looking forward to seeing you around the forums.

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