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Sisal or Jute Perches

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Context (completely optional to read, but some may be interested):
I have two budgies. They are housed separately as they are both new and from different places, so being quarantined. Tater has a rope perch. I have never seen him chew it or even show mild interest in it except to perch on. Nor have I seen any signs of wear that would suggest it has been chewed. I purchased Tot with a cage, and it included a rope perch in it. It looked very worn, and once he started to warm up to the new environment, I saw him chew on it and removed it. Once the quarantine is over, I'll want to house them in the same cage, which means that the rope perch that Tater has been using will have to go. However, I LOVE the ability to bend a perch into a different position every week as I rearrange the cage to keep the birds interested and engaged. So now I'm considering alternatives to the synthetic rope perches.


1. I've found so many listings for sisal or jute rope perches that are out of stock! Has anyone else found this recently, and more importantly, where have you found sisal rope perches that are still in stock?

2. Has anyone made and documented their process of making a sisal or jute rope perch from scratch? Or has anyone successfully converted a boing to a perch? I have found some sisal and jute boings for sale, so might that be a viable option?

3. A bit more generally, what do you do when a product's description of the other materials used is vague (metal or plastic rather than stainless steel or acrylic)? How important is this when it comes to the very edges of the perch that fasten it to the cage?

4. General thoughts on purchasing, owning, introducing, maintaining, etc. sisal or jute perches?


I realize that rope perches, whether natural or synthetic, can be controversial. I welcome comments from people with all sorts of opinions and just want to learn from you. Thanks for reading! :)
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I've wrapped things in jute twine that I've purchased. Make sure the twine is wound tightly and the are no gaps at all.
Thanks for sharing from your experience, Karen! I’m wondering if I could wrap some stainless steel wire to create a malleable perch that functions like the synthetic ones that are so common. I’m just not sure how I would cap or finish the ends so that they can attach easily to the cage walls. Since the frayed perch that came with Tot’s cage is useless as it is, maybe I could remove the synthetic rope and use its core.

That’s getting into DIY, though, and I understand that there’s another forum category for that. I hope a bit of overlap is acceptable.

Those little devices used to trim eyebrows work wonderfully for that purpose!
Good to know! I love it when household items can be safely repurposed. :)
Thanks for the tip on the type of wire. I’m not familiar with the qualities of different metals as I haven’t done a whole lot of DIY yet, but I’m glad to start learning!!

To cap it, you might try forming a loop at the end, winding vet wrap around it, the apply the jute twine. My girl LoVey is a big time chewer, so I have to be extra careful 😊.
When I read loop, I’m picturing something closed off. So would you form the loop around the cage bars and somehow wrap it in tape and twine while it’s around the bars? This seems like a more permanent solution… but I also may be misunderstanding.
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