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This forum is made available to the general public. All messages posted on these forums express the views of the respective author only. No one posting on the forums should be assumed a professional. This forum is intended to be used as a resource to guide you in discussions with your Avian Vet and the information presented here should not be used as the sole basis for the diagnosis, treatment or care of your budgie(s). Talk Budgies shall not be held responsible for the accuracy or validity of any posts made by any members or Staff and therefore cannot be held liable for any action taken, harm caused or loss as a result of the information posted on this website.


The Talk Budgies Forum is intended to assist members 18 years of age and older.
Access, creation of User IDs, posting, messaging or use by anyone younger than 18 is not authorized.

We take pride in our global and thriving community and welcome participation and feedback from members.
Above all, we encourage you to learn about the best practices for the health and well-being of your budgies.
We hope you will take the time to learn about your budgies, have fun, get to know your community members, and enjoy all the forums have to offer.
Talk Budgies is a friendly place with knowledgeable Staff and caring people.
We’d love to see you join in and participate!
These policies, rules and guidelines apply to all forms of communication within Talk Budgies including the forums, private messages, and profile page "Visitor" messages.
They also apply to all your communication with our Administrators, Moderators, long-standing members and newly registered members.
Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with these guidelines before using or participating on the forums.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a Staff Member.
Members' use of the Talk Budgies website and forums constitutes agreement to abide by the Policies, Rules and Guidelines as well as to respect the Staff Members' decisions.



The Talk Budgies Forum Staff is committed to one goal: Promoting what we believe to be the “Best” Practices in budgie care for the birds’ optimum health and well-being.
Supporting that goal is the underlying tenant of the postings from the Talk Budgies Staff and the majority of our regularly active members of the forum.
The advice offered by the Talk Budgies Staff is based on recommended practices by Avian Veterinarians, reputable and ethical breeders and knowledgeable individuals with extensive experience.
Our Staff is made up of volunteers who devote countless hours working to make this forum the best place for members to learn about the best ways to ensure budgies' health and well-being.
Talk Budgies Staff responses are based on past history of posting by the originator of the thread as well as information provided by that individual in the initial thread post.
We try to be as comprehensive as possible and will often ask questions for clarification before giving advice.
Talk Budgies Staff members deserve the respect of all members whether or not you agree with their decisions.
We ask that all posting made by members comply with forum "Best Practices".
Posts which do not comply may be edited or deleted by Staff with or without notice to the member, to ensure the overall purpose and goals of the forums.
Sometimes, Staff may send Visitor or Private Messages to members if/when we have specific concerns about your budgies.
Please be assured the Talk Budgies Staff members' primary concern first and foremost the health and well-being of your budgies.
It is the forum's policy to answer questions only about members' birds.
Please do not ask questions for your friends and acquaintances.
If your friends or acquaintances have questions, encourage them to join the forum and ask their questions.
We will be happy to welcome them.

Members are asked to be respectful of others, even if you do not agree with what is posted.

Although you may disagree with something, please refrain from being discourteous, judgmental or accusatory and ensure your own posts are based on facts not simply your personal opinion.

Always be aware of what you say and how it might be interpreted by others.

Any time you respond to a post, remember you are not only writing to the poster, but to everyone else on the forum.
Always provide as much detail as possible when asking for advice.
Members are asked to refrain from using language that shames, blames or disparages the poster.
This is a world-wide family friendly forum, please do not use inappropriate language at any time.

Avoid making defamatory statements.

It may seem like good, clean fun to ridicule or publicly criticize someone, whether they be a celebrity, a politician, a fellow forum member, or sibling.
However, it is your responsibility to make honest statements that are based on fact, and are not malicious.
Defamatory comments are not acceptable and will be removed.

Maintain courtesy and decorum.

Talk Budgies has members (and guests) of all ages from different cultures in every corner of the world.
Everyone is asked to interact with courtesy and decorum.
Please keep postings on topic of the original poster of each thread.
Please do not make irrelevant and/or unnecessary posts.
Please refrain from endearments and flirtation in all areas of the forum and reserve such for your personal correspondence through other social networking sites or personal email correspondence with special friends.
Staff may edit or delete any postings, including messages, on the forum with or without notification to the poster.

Report inappropriate, offensive or abusive threads, posts or Private Messages.

If you feel that any thread or post or Private Message is inappropriate, offensive or abusive, please report it so our Staff is made aware of it.
To do this, simply click the “Report Post” button located at the top right of the post or Private Message.
Remember Staff cannot be on the site at all times, so your help is greatly appreciated.


Use Proper English and Punctuation.

Please do not use “textspeak”, “netspeak”, etc. (For example, type “like” instead of “lyke”; “probably” instead of “prolly” etc.
Do not use ALL CAPS or Excessive Punctuation. (!!!!!????)
Using spell-check on your posts is recommended.
Staff will answer most questions posed by members and use facts and research in their responses.
Please take the time to proof-read your post to make sure it makes sense and says everything you want to say before submitting it.
If you think of something you meant to say but didn't, please use the edit feature rather then making consecutive posts.
Do Not post unnecessary repetition of other posts.

Use Descriptive Titles when posting a new thread.

Do not use titles such as “HELP!” “Question”, “Answer ASAP”, etc.
Examples of good thread titles include: "Questions about behavior” and “What do I do if my budgie is . . .”
Do not “bump” threads (make posts to bring threads to the top of the list).
Do not make multiple threads in different areas of the forum about the same topic.

This is a family friendly forum.

Please do not use bad language, curse or swear.
Refrain from any off-color comments and/or innuendos.
Keep all communication on the forum appropriate for all ages and members world-wide.


Spam, Trolls and Flames are not tolerated on Talk Budgies.

Any member who deliberately engages in spamming, trolling or flaming is not welcome on Talk Budgies and a permanent ban is typically appropriate in these cases.

Please notify Staff as soon as possible if you notice or suspect spam, flaming or trolling by using the "Report Post" icon or creating a message in the "Contact the Staff" forum.

Spamming a forum can mean posting the same message repeatedly in several different areas of a forum or simply making useless and unwanted posts. Often spam takes the form of ads, nonsense chatter, or messages with obscene content. You may notice spam within various forums, or in your private message inbox. Please report this to staff immediately.

Flaming, also called “bashing”, is engaging in an online argument, usually by making hostile and insulting comments towards someone. Please report any incidents of Flaming immediately.

Trolling is when someone tries to provoke negative reactions from others by making controversial or troublesome posts. If you suspect someone is trolling, it is best to not respond, hence the expression “do not feed the trolls”. Please be sure to report all instances of trolling immediately to the Talk Budgies Staff.


Be aware of copyright.

Talk Budgies members may come across a great article, video or picture that you wish to post for others to see. Before you do, please be aware that this may violate copyright. Posting anything that does not belong to you, whether it be text that you copied and pasted from an article, or a photo/video from a website posted without permission or citing the source, may be a copyright violation.

Be careful how you choose to share information.

The best way to share articles, websites, photos or videos that are not your own is by posting web links to the original sources of those materials. For materials such as articles or information from websites, posting short snippets is usually okay but it is best to create a summary in your own words and give credit to the original source of the information.

If material you post is suspected of infringing copyright, Staff will place your post into moderation so that it is hidden from view. During that time, Staff may ask that you obtain permission from the original source. Alternatively, you may be asked to reword or summarize the material into your own words while ensuring the source of the information has been cited, particularly in cases where permission has not been granted.

If you suspect that a post infringes copyright, please notify the Staff by using the "Report Post" icon or by creating a message in the "Contact the Staff" forum.


Please do not post anything with birds in potentially unsafe conditions.

While opinions differ on what is considered safe and unsafe for birds, Talk Budgies does not permit the posting of descriptive posts, photos, videos or links to sites showing or discussing birds with natural predators, including other pets (e.g. dogs, cats etc.) or showing birds outdoors or in vehicles unless the bird is in a safely secured cage.
We do not permit posts describing animals being mistreated, abused, kept in poor conditions.
Matters of this nature should be reported to the proper authorities rather than discussed on this forum.
Please do not post violence-related pictures or videos or write posts describing animals being mistreated, abused or kept in poor conditions.
Please do not make posts describing allowing birds to interact with other household pets (e.g. dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.)
Do not make posts describing details of injuries.
While we want to do what we can to help promote the well-being of animals in general (not just birds), we like to ensure that the content of Talk Budgies is as safe and friendly as possible to its members.
Please do not post photos, videos or links to websites of animals being abused or attacked or write posts describing animals being mistreated, abused or kept in poor conditions.
Matters of this nature should be reported to the proper authorities rather than discussed on this forum.
Posts containing photos, videos or links showing birds or other animals in unsafe conditions or posts describing animals being mistreated, abused or kept in poor conditions will be edited by staff or put into moderation so that they are hidden from view. Staff will then contact the poster.
Many members are concerned about wildlife awareness, various animal protection efforts, etc. Posts concerning such matters should be shared through other social media sites rather than through the Talk Budgies Forum.
If you see any posts containing images or information about any animal in an unsafe condition, please use the "Report Post" button so the Staff is notified.


Know how you can share your business with others.

We recognize many members have personal hobbies/businesses in selling birds and bird-related items or in rehoming birds.
Only members in good standing may post a link to a personal business or rehoming website in signatures and/or within the forums.
A member in good standing means you are currently an active participant in topics other than solely your business and abide by the terms of use of the site and the Site Guidelines.
An active member is one regularly and consistently participating on the forum

Use “buyer beware” when buying or trading anything with other forum members.

Talk Budgies does not endorse any stores or businesses.
Please use a "buyer beware" approach and do your research before making arrangements to buy or trade anything.
Talk Budgies is not responsible for transactions that occur.


Recruiting Talk Budgies members to other budgie forums is not permitted.

Please refrain from posting any links associated with other bird forums. Any such links will be deleted.
We know Talk Budgies is not the only budgie forum available and many members choose to be members of other forums in addition to Talk Budgies.
Members are free to join any forum of their choosing.
However, we ask you do not engage in the recruitment of our members to other budgie forums.


Keep all thread topics in this forum non-controversial and light-hearted.

The Chit-Chat form was created as a place for members to relax and discuss things other than their birds.
We have visitors to our site from all over the world and from a variety of age groups, backgrounds, and ethnicities and ask this forum be kept to only non-controversial, lighthearted subjects.
Topics such as religion, politics, health and/or any family or personal problems should be brought up elsewhere and discussed privately.
This forum is for lighthearted postings only.


We work very hard at keeping Talk Budgies safe and friendly for everyone.
In keeping with the goals of our website, sometimes Staff will close or hide threads, mediate disputes, issue warnings or formal infractions through the system, contact members via visitor and/or private messages or post moderator warnings within threads to keep the forum running smoothly.
Staff members will use their discretion in determining the course of action appropriate when forum policies, rules, guidelines or "Best Practices" are being disregarded. Our goal is promote best practices in the care of budgies for their optimal well-being.
Every attempt is made to be fair and consistent when handling member issues. However, each situation is assessed on an individual basis as there are a variety of factors that come into play.
If you disagree with a Staff member, please contact the Staff Member via Private Message.
Talk Budgies is not a social site where members are allowed to express all their opinions, feelings, air frustrations, negativity, vent, curse or "rant". Any posts of that nature will be edited or deleted and Staff may issue warnings, infractions or bans at their discretion.
The purpose of Talk Budgies is to promote the Best Practices for the Health and Well-being of Budgies worldwide.
Any member refusing or failing to follow "Best Practices" for the health and well-being of his/her budgies may receive a warning, infraction, temporary or permanent ban from the forum at the Staff's discretion.
Continued problems with a member may result in either a temporary or permanent ban,
Members have the right to appeal the decision of a Staff Member (excluding Administrators).
If you disagree with a Super Moderator's decision at any time, you may appeal to the Administrator.
The Administrator will review and make a final decision which will not be overruled.
The Administration reserves the right to search any member's profile information, posting history, visitor messages, private messages, chat logs or any other forum-based information or social medial sites should they deem it appropriate.
If members post links to blogs or websites in their profile and/or signature and the blog and/or website contains information or language our Staff deems inappropriate for this forum, those links will be immediately be removed by Staff.


The information provided below is for your reference. These are not "rules" or "guidelines." They are policies and reflect how we deal with different situations that may arise. Please take a few moments to read them over. If you have any questions or concerns, please send a Private Message or email to an Administrator.

  • Account Deletion: It is not our practice to delete member accounts, even when requested. If you no longer wish to maintain your membership in the forums, you may request your account be deactivated through the Contact the Staff forum. Any exceptions must be approved by an Administrator. If you post a "good bye" message on the forums your account will be Deactivated or Banned at the Staff's discretion.
  • Staff Selection: From time to time, we may need to add more members to our Staff. While we appreciate enthusiasm to help out the website, please do not request to join the Staff. When the time comes we need another Staff member, we will contact potential candidates. We look for active members who are positive role models for others. This means following the forum Guidelines and Best Practices, typing legibly, providing quality posts, being supportive to our members. etc. If we believe you may be a good candidate for a Staff position, we will contact you via Private Message.
  • Thread Closure: Threads are closed when requested by the original poster or when the thread topic has been adequately discussed). If any of your threads are closed and you are unsure why, please feel free to ask the Administrator to reopen the thread. Staff reserve the right to close any thread at their discretion, with or without prior warning. Thread originators may request their thread be closed at any time by contacting a Super Moderator or Administrator and providing a link to the thread
  • Post and/or Thread Deletion: Staff reserve the right to delete/hide any post or thread that does not follow our forum guidelines or conform to best practices. Unnecessary postings reiterating what has already been posted by others on a thread may be deleted. A post that disparages a Staff member, attacks another member, contains inappropriate content (including links, pictures, etc.), contains a link to a competing website, or any other reason at the Staff member's discretion, may be deleted/hidden. It is not our policy to contact members prior to the deletion of posts or threads. Staff may contact you after any of your posts or threads are deleted. Typically, staff will let you know your post(s) have been edited. Posts deemed inappropriate for any reason can be edited or deleted at Staff Members' decretion. You will not be notified if your account is banned. Instead, you will simply see a message stating the reason for your ban. If the ban is not permanent, you will be given a date and time the ban will end. Attempting to bypass a ban by creating another account will not be tolerated, and will result in an IP address ban. If your ban is not permanent, your account will be reactivated on or about the date you are scheduled to be reactivated. Should you choose to return to our community at this point, you will be watched on a zero-tolerance policy. At the Staff's discretion, you may be re-banned (possibly permanently) without prior warning. Warnings may or may not be given for bad behavior. Once a ban is made permanent, it will not be undone.
  • Username Changes: You may request to have your username changed. To do so, send a PM to an Administrator. Of course, please provide the new username after ensuring the name you want is not currently in use.
    Members are not allowed to have multiple user IDs.


All decisions made by the Staff are at the Staff member's sole discretion. All decisions are final, unless overruled by an Administrator.
Staff have the right to take action (warning, infraction, ban, etc.) against any member should the need arise. A member need not break a forum rule, policy or guideline to have action taken against them. Administrators' decisions are final and can not be overruled. The staff reserves the right to restrict access to the website from anyone, for any reason.
  • Inactive Accounts: We will periodically scan for inactive accounts. An account is inactive if it has not visited the site in a specified amount of time. This amount of time is never less than 60 days. If your account has posts to it, no action will be taken. However, if your account contains 0 posts, it will be moved to an inactive users user group. Once in this group, it will no longer appear on the member list. When you return, your account may still remain in this group. If this happens, you must contact the Administrator to have your User ID removed from the inactive users group.
  • Inactive Accounts (E-mail Reminders): If your account is inactive (whether in the inactive users usergroup or not) for 30 days, you will be sent a reminder e-mail once per month asking you if you wish to come back. If you never want to receive this e-mail, just turn off the Receive Email from Administrators option in your User Control Panel.
  • Contact Us Form: For everyone's convenience, a contact us form is in place. You can find the link to the form at the bottom of any page. When you use this form, please be as specific as possible. Also, be sure to select the appropriate subject heading. Complete the subject title specific to your message. This will aid in a faster response. If you're logged out for whatever reason, please provide your User ID. We do not know who you are if your User ID is not provided. Thus, your message will be ignored if you are logged out and you do not provide a the User ID. Of course, if you are a guest, this does not apply. The "Contact us" form is for site-related issues only.
    Do not use the "Contact Us" form for budgie-related questions. These messages will be ignored.
  • "Open Door" Policy: The Staff at Talk Budgies employ an "open door" policy. You are free to contact the Staff at any time. If there is ever a question or concern related to your account, the website, another member, etc., please contact us via Private Message. If you have questions regarding Staff actions related to your account (infractions, thread closures, etc.), it is advised you contact the Staff Member who performed the action. However, if you do not wish to speak directly to the moderator, you may contact the Administrator. Any site-related issues should be sent to the Administrator. In addition, any account-related issues, such as User ID changes or Karma adjustment, should be directed to the Administrator. Staff will communicate with you to resolve problems.
    Please note that this does not entitle you to contact the Staff with budgie-related questions.
    It is against forum rules to contact any member, including Staff, via Visitor Messages, Private Messages or email with budgie-related questions.
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