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What a lovely view!!! :laugh:

It looks like they had quite the adventure!
Thanks, Amber!

Aww how cute :) I'm sure they will have lots of funny encounters along their travels :)
I hope so, Niamh. These two definitely can't sit still for long without looking for something new and exciting to do. ;)

What a wonderful way to get away from the summer heat. There are still places at high elevation that still have snow. Good they have those heavy boots to protect from snakes. Blessings, Jo Ann:p:budge:
Thanks, Jo Ann! As hot as it's been here lately the boys would probably enjoy some snow about now. :)

Very cute!:D I hope they aren't afraid of heights!;)
Gaby, I think they are such adreneline junkies that heights don't even register with them anymore. :giggle:

The back packs are really agency jet pack's, them boy's didn't waste no time or energy climbing to get there...some guys have all the fun...:D
I like the way you think, Randy!! ;)

How cute! They seem to be having a lovely time! What a nice view...

...Scooter...Is that a Snicker's bar?

Scooter knows that "You're not you when you're hungry" :rolleyes:
Don't let Skip have it! ;)
You totally nailed it, Star! :jumping:
That is exactly the meaning behind Scooter having a Snickers Bar with him. Well done! :D

I see the boys are taking full advantage of mother nature's wonderful sceneries while hiking! :)

And Luigi wants to tell Scooter that Twix is a good chocolate candy bar too, as he says "It's my owner's favourite" and there's two so you can share with big brother Skipper. ;)
Luigi is a such sweet little fellow! Please thank him and tell him we'll make sure Scooter gets his message. :hug:

Deb, I LOVE your newest signature picture with all your little birdies playing in the pool! They look so colorful and happy, each with their own inner tube. I think it's my favorite one yet :)
Thanks, Chloe! I had a lot of fun making the pool signature and I'm glad you like it. :)

All you pictures are so adorable- but my favorite is the one in your signnature!
Awww, thank you, Amy! :p

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It's nice to take a summers trip away for the weekend and enjoy hiking and fun in the sun...Skipper and Scooter Backpackin' Budgie Boys maybe they are going to go budgie jumping on there weekend break to....
Since they've already done Budgie Bungie Bouncing I doubt they'll try that again.
These two characters seem to want to find new and different things to do ALL of the time. :laughing:

The Sky's the limit for these two or is it :question::question:
It seems these two sweet budgies are almost invincible nothing is too hard or too far away for them to tackle.
I would love to see them settle down and live the comfortable life of retirement one day LOL.:sleeping::giggle:
Retirement, smirement -- Resting is for budgies like Sunny and Sparky! - Skipper

Skipper, you know what Mom said about you makin' comments just 'cause Sunny and Sparky aren't as active as us.
"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!" - Scooter

Yeah, yeah, yeah -- Hey, Scoot! Wanna try rappelling off this cliff? :D

How in the world did you see that Snickers Bar??? Kudos to you for seeing that. YOu think, it being chocolate and all... I would have found it, but I did not.! Observant!

What a lovely view those boys have! They are quite the multi talented team.
Thanks, Judy!! :p

I wasn't paying attention i didn't see the Snicker's bar either.... Snicker's bar's are yum..
Who knows where the Snickers will show next? :laugh:

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They do seem to have a great deal of "disposable" income when it comes to their gear, don't they?

I suppose when you double-dip occupations the way these guys do then money isn't an issue. ;)

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How cute!!! I love their little backpacks :)!
Thanks, Julie.
Of course they each wanted their backpacks monogrammed!

Pew! What a treck!
But our strong adventurous budgie boys have the stamina!
(And, of course, their Snickers Bar for extra energy :laughing:)

they have been very busy boys with their adventures lately! i think they need to slow down and take it easy for a few days :p
The boys pace themselves. That's why you only see one adventure per week. :cool:
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