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Sky and Rocky's Bonding Journal

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So I got Sky and Rocky from a small pet store on June 31st. Today is July 5th and we've been working on building trust and getting comfortable.

The first two or three days, they sat at the bottom of the cage and didn't move much. I let them be and talked quietly to them; I also play "Joyful Budgies" constantly on a loop (from Youtube) to comfort them.

Rocky was the first to begin exploring. He looks like he's a bit older than Sky. His cere is a deeper blue and he doesn't have much barring on his head, but he still has the dark button eyes. Sky still has barring and his cere is a purple-pink color. Sky soon followed Rocky's lead and began exploring as well.

They quickly became comfortable with me being in the room and talking to them. They chirp a lot now, and eat and drink and preen while I'm sitting with them. They also seem fairly comfortable with my hand being in the cage to change their food and water and to rearrange their perches so that they have better access (their wings are clipped from the pet store, but I think I'll let them grow out). I never try to touch them when I do this, so that they know I am not a threat.

On July 3rd, I started to put my hand in the cage next to them because they seemed comfortable with it. Sky even came up and nibbled on my fingers! Rocky has begun to seem like the more skittish one.

And that's where I am now. I try to leave my hand next to them for 15 minutes 2-3 times a day. Sky lets me get pretty close, but Rocky flies up to the highest perch to stay away (which I let him do). They both close their eyes and seem to go to sleep whenever I do this. Is that a good thing?

Sorry for the wall of text. I'll try to update daily from now on so that I won't have so much to type :biggrin1:

(Sky is blue and Rocky is green)


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Hi there and :welcome: to the forums!

Congratulations on your new budgies ;) Your boys are adorable and I'm glad that they're settling in well!

Ideally, you should let them settle in for two weeks without putting your hand in the cage at all so that they adjust to their environment well and feel safe in their environment.

I'm glad they're getting comfortable with you, however-- closing their eyes and relaxing is a great sign. Just take a step back and wait on the hand in the cage, and you're doing great! Keep on talking to them and spending plenty of time with them, next to their cage, and they'll settle in in no time :D

Also, you should remove the fuzzy tent from their cage. Budgies do not need nests or huts to sleep or keep warm, they have feathers for that. Additionally, it can make budgies want to nest (even males!) and get their hormones out of balance, as well as pose a danger to budgies if their toenails get stuck in the material or they chew and ingest it. :)

We'd love to see more of your boys when you get a chance!

Meanwhile, be sure to read through the forum's many Budgie Articles and "stickies" (threads "stuck" to the top of each subform for easy reference) to ensure you're up to date on all the best practices for budgie care!

If you have any questions after reading through everything, be sure to ask as we'd love to help :thumbsup:

Cheers! :wave:
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Hi! :welcome: to Talk Budgies

Sky and Rocky are adorable :001_wub:

StarlingWings has given you excellent advice.
I would also recommend you remove the wooden dowel perch(es) and replace them with natural wood perches of varying diameters to help prevent pressure sores.

Please take the time to read through the Site Guidelines, all of the How To Guides, the FAQs, the Budgie Articles and the stickies located at the top of each section of the forum.

Truly, the very BEST advice anyone can offer you is to take the time to read ALL of the stickies throughout the various Talk Budgie forums as well as the Budgie Articles we have posted.

These are great resources for Talk Budgie members and have a wealth of reliable information which will assist you to learn the best practices in caring for your budgies for their optimal health and well-being.

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Glad you decided to join us and looking forward to seeing you around the forums.

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