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Morton Grove, Illinois

Hello everyone,
My budgie, Sky, flew out the door the moment I opened the door to go take out the trash. It was very sudden and unexpected because all my birds fly freely in the house and we've never had an issue with them wanting to fly out of the house when we leave the door open. I originally got her thinking she was a female, but I think she might be a he because of his activity/behaviors so I'm not completely sure yet of his/her gender, but I will continue to refer her as she. She has mostly white feathers with a blue back and belly and has a purple ring tag on her left foot, but I wasn't able to clearly identify the numbers and letters on the tag. She also imitates cockatiel sounds and can partially sing "if you're happy and you know it".
My family and I have already searched all around the area nearby and even walked through the forest that's nearby and had no luck. I'm not sure what to do or where to go. I know this may be mission impossible, but I'm holding on to a little bit of hope...
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