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Slip Slidin' Away..

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Bought a little ramp today, so figured it was time to teach him how to use it as a slide!

(If you've ever wondered how I teach something like this, there's a little bit of the method in there, too! :budgie: )
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Thank you all for your kind comments .. Wiki appreciates it :). Bigger slide is coming, definitely - I just need to get handy!

When you do the longer slide it would be cool to have Wiki slide down with wings open :D
:laughing: yes, it would. Not quite sure of the feasibility, but I can always ask him :D

*adds Wiki to the budgienap list*
Heh, he'd happily do his tricks for you without you having to steal him!

Very cool. Now to progress the trick to the next level. Wiki riding a skateboard down the ramp :laughing1:
Now, you're going to find this hard to believe. I have a skateboard that came with the little ramp thing. Using target, I got him to stand on it. For fun, I put it at the top of the ramp and had it just balanced.

My husband scoffed, "There's no way he'll do that."

Sure enough, Wiki hops up the ladder lands on the skateboard, drops the tail down and almost does an Ollie before riding it all the way down to the bottom. We just look at each other, stunned for a moment before cracking up. We should know better and always film these things, because you never know. He has a way of surprising you!
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Absolutely that's him.. The baby version in the middle (Awww.. look at the throat spots! So tiny!) and the grown up either side. The joys of a yellow factor bleeding through.

This is a bit of an older video now (the darts "target practice" is the most recent). I'm working on a couple new props (just have to adapt them for him to use) and trying to organise a proper slippery dip. The parrot wizard will do one for me, it's just going to cost me :) a price I'm prepared to pay!
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