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Many may be unaware
of the member
to whom
we are
presenting a
Special Award

This individual is kind, generous, considerate and supportive of others
Always content to remain in the background of our forum
she never goes out of her way to make her presence known
yet is always one of the first to offer
comfort and support
in other's times of loss and sorrow

Though you may not have seen many posts from her
you might have received a sweet note of cheer
an inquiry regarding how your flock is doing
or a pat on the back in private
from this lovely and caring member

Her love of birds extends beyond our own community
She volunteers her time and assistance
to the
Phoenix Rising Bird Rescue
based in Maryland

This compassionate person has quietly graced
Talk Budgies Forum
with her presence
since August 11 2010.

We truly hope she will continue
to remain a member of our flock
for many years to come

The Talk Budgies Forum
would like to present
Very Special

Loyalty Award
jellyblue (Susan)

As a small token of our appreciation,
you have been awarded
100 karma points
6 month Supporter Membership
and a Special Magenta Color for your User ID
identifying you
as a
Special Award Recipient

Please join me in Congratulating

Thank you for your selfless participation in the forum
We are honored to have you as a part of the community

Servant of The King
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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for Susan.....Such a ****ing presentation to a most deserving person. Thank you for being with us Susan, you are a very valued member....:hug:

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Congratulations Susan!! :first: well deserved!!!:2thumbs:

Loyalty Award Recipient January 2015//Deactivated
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Thank you, everyone. What a surprise! This is a real honor. You are family, and I love all your birds (all your pets, actually) as if they were my own. I laugh at your photos and videos, pray when the little ones are sick, and cry when they leave us. You all are so wonderful, and I have learned a lot on this forum. Thank you.
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
Not open for further replies.