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Splayed Legs in Chicks

Prevention of splayed legs begins with a healthy conditioning diet for the parents to include pellets, a high quality seed mix, fresh vegetables, and egg food.
Additionally, the budgies must have adequate cuttlebone, mineral blocks and calcium supplements to ensure the chicks development in the egg is optimal.

Ensure you have a good nestbox with a concave bottom.
The bottom of the nest box needs to be a bit rough which helps the chicks grip with their feet so the legs don't slide outward (splay) as they grow.
When the chicks have hatched, it is important to have safe nesting material in the box.
Pine or Aspen Shavings (not dust) are commonly used.
The nest box should be cleaned when the chicks are very young to prevent droppings from accumulating and sticking to the babies' feet and legs.
As the chicks grow, cleaning the nest box daily is recommended.

To help prevent splayed legs, make sure your budgies are fed a healthy diet (high quality seed mix, pellets, fresh vegetables, egg food and have sufficient calcium through use of cuttlebones, mineral blocks and calcium supplements.

Some budgies sit very tightly on their eggs and the babies with all of their weight on the chicks.
If there are only one or two chicks in the clutch, using plastic eggs to take some of the weight off the chicks can be helpful in prevention of splayed legs.

Check chicks frequently for signs of splayed legs. Treatment can correct the problem and will be most successful the earlier the problem is caught.

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Splayed Legs in Budgie Chicks

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