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Tail bobbing and fast breathing when out of cage...?

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Every once in a while in his cage, I will notice his tail bobbing, but it it isn't consistent. Maybe, 2 hours out of the day, max. But when he is out of his cage, sometimes he just sits quietly, scared to death, breathing fast, and tail bobbing. There are other times when he is happy on my shoulder and chirping, then the next day he suddenly becomes a different bird. Is this from excitement or fear? He is eating, drinking, not fluffed up, and sings, plays just fine. When I go to take him out of his cage, he is a little hesitant, but doesn't run away. I talk to him softly and he will get on my finger and let me take him out.

Should I be worried?

Also, he gets about 3-6 hours outside of his cage and I have had him for 1.5 weeks. He came from a pet store (I work at it and we take very good care of our birds) and was already finger trained. He has started bonding with me, as he won't stay with others (tries to fly back to me after getting on their finger).

What can I do to help him? TIA
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Sometimes he clicks his beak, which I have seen him do, is that okay?

His breathing sounds good from what I can hear, no clicking or wheezing.
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Okay, great! I think that today, because we had the pressure cooker running and it was making a loud hissing noise, and my friend was over and wanted to hold him, it stressed him out a lot. He did it for about 45 minutes, and it looked as if he was panting, but in doors is around 80 degrees (how we always keep it as I am always cold lol) and he wasn't flying around or anything (wings were poorly clipped before coming to the store, so he can't fly hardly at all). I think that it just freaked me out, as I was just researching about tail bobbing.

Thanks everyone for the answers! Now if only I could get him to eat fruits and veggies, I will be a happy parent, lol. :p That will come with time, though.
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