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Talk Budgies Awards​

The goal of Talk Budgies (Educational Resource Guide) is to promote the best practices for the health and well-being of budgies

From time to time, we may choose to present an "award" to a deserving member of our forum community

Members may submit nominations for Member and/or Staff Awards by posting a thread in our "Contact The Staff" forum

Nomination criteria include:

Going above and beyond to provide help and support in a specific situation
Consistent efforts to encourage best practices in budgie care
Genuinely kind, compassionate and supportive postings benefiting the forum as a whole​

A TB staff member will acknowledge receipt of the nomination

Staff will discuss all nominations received

Any and all awards presented will be made totally at staff discretion

Member Spotlight Award

Purpose: Recognition of continued effort to support the forum's goal of promoting the best practices for the health and well-being of budgies

The award will highlight the Member, a bit about them and the specific attitude, action or assistance the person embodies or demonstrates which benefits the forum's goals

When a member or staff member notices a member who has regularly and consistently been helpful within a specific over a period of weeks, that person may be nominated for a Spotlight Award

Member Spotlight Awards will be made whenever deemed appropriate by staff

A Spotlight Award differs from a "Special Award" in that "Special Awards" focus on a longer period of time (e.g. months rather than weeks) required for member to receive the award

Member Spotlight Award recipients will have the designation under their User ID and receive the same type wings in their profile as previously used for MOTM awards
The User ID color will be the same as that used previously for MOTM Award recipients

Special Awards

Purpose: Recognition and thanks for long-term, on-going contributions of a forum member

Nominations for Special Awards may be made by members or staff

Special Awards are tailored for specific contributions

Examples Include:
Breeders Award
Long Term Service Award
Exception Service Award

Member of the Year​

Staff Spotlight Award

Purpose: Showcase exceptional service, dedication and commitment of a particular staff member when deemed appropriate

Staff members make individual posts about the subject member in award thread

Posts may include thoughts with regard to why the subject individual is worthy of recognition, funny stories, anecdotes, etc

Thread will be created in the Staff section of the forum and all staff wishing to contribute to the thread may do so

The thread will then be moved into the general forum area and members will be invited to add a post if they so choose

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