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After five years of the little green budgie scampering away from my hand, I've decided to make a renewed effort to tame Suzy. I don't have high expectations - I bought her in a pet shop, after all, and not from a breeder that hand raises and feeds chicks. The first time I saw her was when a store employee had to get her out of the cage. The employee grabbed Suzy from behind and kind of pushed her right up against the glass :( which is probably why she's so terrified of hands.

7/22/15: I decided to get Suzy used to my presence, so I put my hand into the lower half of the cage for a few minutes (after removing the mirror). She didn't seem too scared, and watched my hand for a bit. When I was done, I replaced the mirror. Eventually, I'm going to take it away, but Suzy clearly was stressed by the temporary disappearance of her reflection. So far, she's doing well and meeting expectations.

7/23/15: I started things off by doing the same thing as last time. This time around she seemed more interested and less scared. To see how close I could get, I offered Suzy a bit of millet from my hand. She took a nibble and scampered away. I left the mirror out of the cage for about five minutes, both to clean it and see how she would do. She didn't seem stressed at all. Later on I checked on her and she wasn't staring at the mirror, which is great for her second day :D

7/24/15: Now I have two birds to take care of! I took out the mirror for ten minutes, and Suzy seemed fine. While I was doing the hand thing again, she lost interest for a moment to play with one of her toys. I can't be mad, as it's the first time she's played with a toy since Jack's passing! She took a 1 1/2 inch piece of millet from my hand afterwards. Remy (Pronounced Ray-may) got his first day of taming. I simply put my hand in the cage for a bit. To see how far he would go, I offered a 3 1/2 inch section of millet. Even though it was his first ever day in my flock, he didn't seem daunted and enjoyed the treat:D So far, both are doing fantastic!

7/25/15: I was busy all day and couldn't spend much time with Suzy and Remy. The time that I did have with them was mostly spent getting Suzy used to my hand again and introducing Remy to perch training. I took the mirror away for twenty minutes, and Suzy was fine.

7/26/15: Suzy let me pet her a bit today, and got millet. Remy stepped up onto the perch, which is great. I removed Suzy's mirror for thirty minutes today. She apparently heard Remy, and chirped back.

7/29/15: I'm not going to update this training journal anymore, as I have been really, really busy the past few days. However, I'll continue to work with Suzy and Remy.


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