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Thank you for the recipe

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Thanks to all who gave me advice on how to cook acorn squash
Candy, Tony, and I loved it!! I put a little bit of butter, brown sugar (just a tad), and some cinnamon, and roasted it at 375 F for about half an hour.
It's delicious, and my cockatiels could not have enough of it :laughing: We had to share, as they always do with mommy's dinner:D
Miss Candy says excuse her "rough" look, she is still taking her medicine and antibiotic cream daily and her feathers are a tad messed up from it:eek:


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Oh yummy.....looks like it turned out good...I always cook mine until it is super soft cuz that's the way mom always made it......:D
Mmmmm delicious!!! It's such a nice, quick snack. Cheap and healthy too, the best kind.

I do love your birdies :D We almost got a 'tiel, but Fred came instead lol
Thanks! I love them :) They are the best birds. Very needy little buggers though, LOL
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