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Members are asked to keep all Thanksgiving Greetings,
wishes or sharing of their personal
Thanksgiving Gratitude
in this thread.

Without gratitude, happiness is rare.
With gratitude, an individual's potential for happiness increases dramatically.

When you take time to recognize and express gratitude daily, you realize how much you really have to be thankful for.
When we pause amid the hustle-bustle of daily life and give thanks for all the little things we normally take for granted, we can find peace, contentment, serenity and a place of grace.

For the members in the US, I wish you Happy Thanksgiving

For all our members throughout the world,
I wish for you hope, happiness, gratitude, peace and love.

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Friends near and far (for that is what you all are on these forums),

I give to you all my fondest well-wishings and thoughts of love, peace, joy, compassion, and kindness. This season, whether it begin tomorrow or closer to Christmas, is all about that which brings us together. We have our feathered friends to thank on multiple counts--for, in the barest sense, founding this forum, and for providing all of us with the wonder and joy of life, loyalty, companionship and love.

I give to you all my sincerest hopes for you all to have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and whether or not you will sit down with friends and family and consume excessive amounts of food, know that I think of all of you during this time and offer a passing nod to your presence, wherever in the world you are.

I give to you all my prayers for peace in the world, for international gratitude, for feelings of fraternity and companionship that have kept humanity together for eons. There is much to rejoice in each year and yet, much to expect in the coming one.

Finally, I give to you my thanks--for that is why it is called Thanksgiving--and desire all who read this to feel the true spirit of the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! :hug:

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Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in US and whoever is celebrating! We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here- but I have to thank God for some things:
I have good health
I try to help as many people I can
I try to help the animals
I see the best in people
I am happy!
I am wishing to everybirdie happiness, wisdom, opticism, joy, good health, gratitude and many happy moments with your families and fids! :)

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Happy Thanks Giving to each and everyone all over the world...Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation for what one person has done for someone else... Like helping an elderly person across the road... Life is to short... If someone is lonely and in need you visit them or just talk to them etc... We have to count our blessings every day and be grateful for what we have... Family means the world to me.... Just be thankful for what we have the best gift of all is love... Love one another be kind to each and everyone...There is good in everyone...

One more thing I am thankful that we have this wonderful form where I can come on and share our beloved birds with....I am also thankful for all of the friends I have made here to if I hadn't come across this form then I would of never got to meet you all and become good friends with you..But I am so glad I found this form and all of you wonderful people to.....So I am very thankful.

Everyone does nice things for someone each and every day this should make you feel really good... I no I do.....

Thank you to the Staff who put a wonderful form together for us to come on and share our birds with... I am truly thankful.....

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Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it! :party:

I am grateful and thankful for my health, to have a roof over my head and to have a decent means of subsistence. I am thankful for my close family members, my beloved pets, my friends and my TB family. :grouphug:
I am extremely thankful, blessed and grateful for my Khaleesi's impressive recovery and for being allowed more time with my precious boy.

The flock of 14 and I are sending our best wishes for worldwide peace, love and mutual understanding between cultures.

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Thanksgiving is a wonderful tradition, I so wish we as a country celebrated this.
Even though here in Australia we do not celebrate Thanksgiving I feel very lucky as I have been in the US when this lovely time for families coming together and having a wonderful feast with loved ones and friends occurred.
It is a very troubled world we live in, and I do hope peace and harmony can triumph. I have been very fortunate to not have to experience hunger, loss of loved ones and dear friends, having a lovely home, family, and my pets I indeed am very lucky and give genuine thanks . To all who are celebrating I hope you have a joyous and happy day with family and loved ones, to all of my Talk Budgie Family I hope and pray peace, happiness and health are yours . :congrats::grouphug:

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With every breath we take, please join in thanks in faith that there will be another breath to follow and with that breath, the Spirit of a loving Creator embraces each one of us in an expanding and limitless experience of the promise of a new day, a new opportunity to fulfill our mission in life. Have a joyous day, Every Birdy. Jo Ann:hug::music::pray::budge::budgie:
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