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There are baby budgies in my Budgie's coconut hideout - What should I do

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My Female budgie (Chipper) laid three eggs, in which two are hatched and been hatched for about 8-10 days now. I have gotten worried because they are getting big and can stand up on their two feet. I put in a nesting box inside the cage that is brand new and I haven't seen either of them go into yet. I want to know if it is possible to move them CAREFULLY into the nesting box that is x3 larger. It would benefit them and they get squished when the mother lays on them because how developed they have become. She herself can barely fit into the coconut even before the babies and I am scared she will suffocate the. If you know the answer to this please answer it !!

What she laid the babies in:
Bird Vertebrate Beak Plant Pet supply
What I bought for her:
Bird Product Rectangle Wood Feather
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Can't wait to hear what you settle on naming them :D
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i named him lush. like a lush green forest. first thing that came when thinking about nature and green

he's starting to fly and eat seeds with mom! but ducky is more of an introvert
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um idk what to do. my birds are mating again.
You should separate them right away, and be sure the hen is also not getting broody anywhere. How old are the chicks now?
I told you previously to remove the mother into a separate cage when the babies reached 3 1/2 weeks.
Remove the nest box from the cage.
Separate the Mother into an individual cage in a different room.
Make sure there is nothing in the cage that can be used as a nesting site.
Limit daylight hours to no more than 8 hours per day.
If she lays an egg, remove it and dispose of it immediately before it is incubated.
i think they just mate and ate the egg bc they were hungy nothing new
For the health and well being of your budgies, you need to follow the advice given.
I just sold my other cage and dont have the money bc im younger than 18 so idk what to do. she is doing it anymore

and i would hate to see her seperated from her family :(
I just sold my other cage and dont have the money bc im younger than 18 so idk what to do. she is doing it anymore
That was a vey poor decision after you were advised that a second cage would be needed. Are you intending to keep the chicks?
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