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Thor, ruler of millet, and his training adventures

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You may or may not have seen my introduction post in the newbies section, but this is Thor our handsome blue and yellow budgie :) (sitting on my shoulder for the first time!)

We got him on 22nd October this year, so he has been with us just over a month now.

The first few days he was understandably quite quiet and reserved, but he quickly phased out of this and began chirping away merrily in his cage.

The most defining feature of this wee guy is how not bothered he is by things. For example:
*Amanda drops a bunch of cutlery all over the place = sudden loud noises*
*gasps around the room - all attention on Thor to make sure he's ok*
*Thor too busy preening himself to notice*

We took him out of his cage 5 days after we got him and he flew straight into the window. Luckily he was flying so slowly that he didn't get hurt! After a few more trips outside the cage he is becoming a lot better in controlling his flight path!

Last week he acknowledged the presence of the toys in his cage and has now become completely enamoured with his set of three cage-like balls with a bell on the bottom. His favourite thing to do with them is pull them out to the side and lift them as high as possible and then drop them (pictured below!).

In terms of bonding, he is very good at being handled and was fairly easy to get to step up onto my finger. He even let my parents handle him when he met them for the first time the other week. We tempted him with lettuce and millet to get him to come out of his cage and step up.

Last week he seemed to go backwards and now is a bit trickier to handle and shuffles away from my hand when it is inside the cage. So I have begun a simple taming routine to get him back to his normal friendly self!

He is a very talkative chap and loves having conversations with me and my boyfriend Al. He is even starting to pick up some of the sounds we make to him! Very exciting :D

Anyway - that's where we're at just now! (Bit of an essay haha!)
Will update as we go along :)

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Sound's like a very good start to a great friendship. It is obvious that Thor is settling in nicely and becoming very comfortable with his interactions with you all. Hard to say looking at the picture who is more happy with the shoulder perching, him or you...Congrats, and keep up the good work...:)
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Amanda, that's a great update! I love the picture of him on your shoulder--you both look very pleased ;)

He sounds like a sweetheart and it sounds like you've made great progress. Can't wait to hear more! :D
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Thor is growing out his baby rings - completely explains why he's been inactive and a bit grumpy.

He now, very cleverly, sits in front of his cage door when he wants to come out and will very happily hop onto my or Al's hand when it's offered :) hurrah!
Amanda I can see that Thor loves you very much and that you have a special bond... I like the name Thor.. Your budgie is really beautiful..
What a great picture of the two of you!
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