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Time to introduce the newbie

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So a couple of you will know I have a newbie in my flock but I didn't want to post before now as I was waiting on her test results which are luckily all clear :)

I got her from a friend of mine who owns a pet shop, he was sold her by her previous owner as they had decided to let her out with the budgies for a fly around and needless to say theres no more budgies as she killed them all.

However she won't have chance to get at my budgies, I have two boys waiting to see who she will pick.

She was called Tooty but I really hate the name lol, I am thinking either Aeris or Aerith.

I was told she is completely hand shy and won't go near exposed hands, well this is her:

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Oh, what a cutie. Karma to you for adopting this stinker.
Aww she is adorable Amelia! She definitely does not look too afraid of hands to me either, looks like she is eating it up :giggle:
Maybe she did not like the hands that were exposed to her before :D It looks like she likes going near your "exposed hands", :)! I'm sure it won't take long for her to bond with you. She's beautiful! She looks quite young still: how old is she?
She's actually 4 years old lol.
she is so adorable!! :D congrats on your new addition! seems like people are catching the p'let bug lately :giggle:
She's actually 4 years old lol.
Wow, then! At 4 yrs old it is usually harder but you are doing great!
Hehe, afraid of hands eh? She looks pretty comfortable with yours! She knows a bird person when she sees one I suppose! :)
Your newcomer is beautiful! I'm glad you got to adopt her. :)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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