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Two non-Sammy celebrations!

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Hi, everyone! :wave:

Sammy is doing great, although we haven't caught him repeating any more funny phrases lately. He is mish-mashing though, especially when music is on. Today, it sounded like he was singing "Lady Madonna" with The Beatles!

Today we have two big non-Sammy related celebrations! Our mini schnauzer turns 5 today! I brought him with me from the US when I moved to Spain, even though I only intended to stay for a year. He loves the Spanish life!

Here's a picture of Watson when he was 3 months old. I remember this shot, when I was taking him to meet all of my friends at university!

And here is a recreation of the shot from this week! Yes, Watson needs a haircut :laugh:

Happy birthday, Watson! I love him more than words can say! :love:

And the second big celebration........

After three years of researching and writing in Madrid, I finished all of the revisions for my doctoral dissertation today! :party: I will be returning to the US with my husband for vacation and to defend my thesis in August. (Watson and Sammy will both be staying in luxury accommodations here in Madrid). ;)
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Your celebrations are both great news. :)

Happy Birthday, Watson!!
What a beautiful pup you were and a very handsome boy you've now become.

How great that you've finished all your doctoral dissertation revisions!
May I ask what your area of study is?

I wish you all the best in defending your dissertation.
I'm sure you'll do a SUPER job!
Oh my, your Watson is adorable, happy birthday gorgeous boy!!:party3:
Congratulations on finishing your dissertation, too! :party::woot:
I'm sure you'll do an excellent job in defending your thesis, not too long now to have it all completely done and over with. :D
Congratulations! And your doggy is super cute:D
Thanks, everyone! Watson received a bag of Greenies and a new collar for his birthday, with extra "Grandma and Grandpa time," so he was a happy, happy pup! He also got to sleep in the big bed last night with us as a special treat! Of course, Sammy also got a treat (a new egg Vitalkraft stick to play with on his play gym, which he dropped about 5 times and made me sweep an extra two times today! :laugh:)

My dissertation is on the use of the grotesque mode in 6 novels written in Madrid in the 17th century, hence why I moved to Madrid to research. :) Never knew I would meet the most adorable Spaniard ever, get a budgie, and stay! ;)
Congratulations all around:D Great news all that hard work coming to an end and some relaxation time headed your way too:budgie:
Congratulations for both reasons!!! Watson is stunning- Happy birthday little boy!!!!
And I am sure you'll find the perfect job for you!!
Congrats again! :)
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