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URGENT! unknown ectoparasites

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Hi everybody! I'm new to this forum and I opened an account because I need a quick advise of an expert. First of all I'm an international student doing my BA in China. I got a two month old budgie; he's very interactive and inquisitive like every healthy, drops typical poops, has completely appetite is normal. However, two days ago I discovered a large amount of caterpillar-like crawling parasites. They live in my Kurka's feather, are brown colored and their size doesn't exceed 2 millimeters. Seems like the little buddy finds them annoying. Well, I'm not surprised since especially his neck and back is full of them. I tried to remove one but it was very difficult. These tiny things can move very fast in both directions and keep tight to feather. I took my baby to a local vet and I was negatively shocked. In about 7 mln ppl, there's no avian vet. All the vets only know how to deal with dogs and cats. The vet even didn't take a look at my pet, just said that I gotta send him some pics of the parasites. In addition, he proposed to use liquid medicine prescribed for cats and dogs only but said it's possible Kurka will die due to overdose. Idk what to do! I spent several hours searching on the Internet and I found nothing. I will truly appreciate if someone could tell me what kinda parasites these bugs are and what I should do in this situation. I'm afraid that vet will poison my baby boy. Please, help me ASAP!



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What I can see in your photos is a type of feather louse that feeds
on feather tissue. They're definitely not mites but still a parasite that can be eliminated by a bird product Ivomec which is a topical 1 drop application. Good luck with your studies.
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