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[VIDEO] Freki plays silly buggers

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[nomedia=""]Freki and the Ring - YouTube[/nomedia]

Here is Freki playing silly buggers when i am trying to clean out his cage.

There is a plastic ring he likes to play with and i hang it on his branch perch while i take out the paper and hoover/disinfect the tray and he keeps taking it off and throwing it on the floor.

Was quite funny, he did it a few times before i managed to get my camera after a short while he got bored haha.

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rofl, that budgie's going to take away your ring if you keep it up, missy.
Ha ha that's funny! Ollie used to do that with his
toys. Not so much any more. He seems to be content
just sitting on your shoulder and talking your ear off! :laughing:
Aww, Freki is such a funny and playful fellow! :D
That is a hoot!! :laugh:

Have you thought of giving him one of those cat balls to play with? He looks like he'd enjoy it - the ones with the holes in them so they can hold them. My Mista still loves his and does a very similar thing as Freki ... ( [nomedia=""]Mista The Ball Throwing Budgie! - YouTube[/nomedia] )
Yeah i have some little cat toys he and the others can pick up, but he is scared of them.

I think the noise the bell inside makes freaks him out tho i am looking around for one without the bell or the noisy things inside.

its odd tho because he has bells on other toys he doesn't mind at all lol
Hmm ... strange! Well, can you get a pair of pointy nose pliers, and remove the noisy things? Then you wont have to find any - you'll have some. It just looked like he wanted to run along the perch and do the same sort of thing Mista does with the ball ... but Mista loves noise. Crinkly plastic especially - and he has never had yummies or anything out of a bag, so it's just the noise.

Budgies are funny li'l things! SO INDIVIDUAL!
yeah this little fella is definitely a little weirdo, i wouldn't change him for the world tho haha.
I love the way budgies like to throw things!
I kept putting my hand underneath the branch to try to catch the ring and he'd notice then run away to throw it where my hand couldn't catch it.

He's really clever too, he won't use it for what i want him to use it for tho! little git! :laughing:
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