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Video: my talking Budgie

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Check out this video of our 7.5 month old talking Budgie, Doc.
I came home from work mid-June, sat on the loveseat with him
just behind my head and he went on a major 3 minute spiel !
I was lucky to be able to video him with my cell phone...

[nomedia=""]DOCOURTALKINGBUDGY - YouTube[/nomedia]


tickle tickle tickle
pretty boy
pretty bird
please look at me
whatcha doin?
good boy
stop talking huh
don't bite
please come here
I love you
gimme a kiss
hi doc
there are a few new phrases he says that we can't make out yet...
He also makes a lot of kiss noises
Since the video, he also now says, "I CAN FLY!"
.....we are planning on doing more videos of him in future.

Feel free to share the video with your Facebook friends!
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He likes to play with your hair. The white body with the blue on chest area look good. Playful little bird you have.
He is to hear them talking ..

Oh he is so cute! :love: :)
You have an awesome talker! :)
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