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Video of Penry Talking

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Penry is becoming quite the talker! I thought you all would like to see a video of him chatting away.

"My name is Penry, I'm a parakeet!"
"Give me a biiiiiiiiig kiss! Muaaaah!"
"Baby bird"
"Got any grapes?"
"Pick on somebody your own size." (he's still practicing this one, but listen carefully- it's in there :))

Thanks for watching!!
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Oh my goodness! Penry is so adorable!
He's going to be the next "Disco"

I'm impressed with how much Penry's learned to say already. :wow: And, I LOVE is when he says, "Give me a Biiiiig Kiss!"

GREAT video! :2thumbs:
I thought the exact same thing - Wow, he's just like Disco! :)

Keep 'em coming. He's adorable!
So cute! I wish mine would mimic human speech, but they mimic each other! :)
Awwww! Billie just came and flew onto my phone when I was listening to this...think he thought it was Disco :) mines Disco mad too!
It's soo cute when they start talking with their cute little voices :)
Haha My bird (and okay, me too) is in love with disco. No first words yet, but he listens closely!

Penry could very well be the next big D!
Thanks everybody!! We are so proud of Penry for being such a good learner, even if we no longer have any peace and quiet :laugh:.

We love Disco too, and he was our inspiration for teaching Penry! Disco gave us some really good advice, which was to talk to your budgie really close to its face. Once we started doing that, Penry began learning much more quickly. Thanks for comparing the two-- there really is no higher compliment :D
I LOVE it!!!!! So adorable!!
Thanks!! :budgie:
Penry is utterly gorgeous!! His little voice is so cute. His "kiss" is my favourite. :D
Thanks Kelly! He loves making that kissy noise, I like to think he knows what it means :)
Oh My - Little Penry is So cute And talented! Just LOVE him!!!
Wow - Billy perfectly mimics So many of Disco's phrases! It's remarkable, and Billy is Outstanding!

Wow - Billy perfectly mimics So many of Disco's phrases! It's remarkable, and Billy is Outstanding!
Hehe thanks :) He is certainly obsessed with him for sure :)
Thanks! ^^

Penry was talking in his sleep today, sooo cute! I can't believe the video has over 870 views!!!!
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