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Violets vacation plate

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Hey Deb I made a nice plate out of one of the pictures you made for me :D.

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Hi, Rick,
It is very pretty! I like it. Are you going to hang on the wall. You can make one for every budgie you have and decorate the wall. Different from pic frames!
Thanks Elsabe, I have about 8 made so far. I am working on ones for the new clutch with a pic of the feathered up baby with an inset of the egg and an alien pic. I can put the hatch date and mutation on the back and give them when I sell the babies. If I sell I mean :)
This sounds great!!
Do you have grand children? Our sons had love the plates with the 101 dalmations pics on.
Rick that is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

I feel so honored that you chose to make a plate with one of my photo creations.

Thank you for sharing YOUR beautiful creation with us.

(And, by the way, I would buy one of your baby budgies in a heartbeat if you weren't so far away!)

I love your Plate Rick which you were in Australia ill snap it up in a hurry and buy one..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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