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Hello! We have owned these two lovely budgies since they were 6 months old. We named the green bird Elvis, as we are under the impression that he's a male due to his size and behavior when compared to Francesa, the smaller blue bird. They are now both about 1.5 years old, have not reproduced and it seems everyone in our family is confused about the cere coloring (and I have red/green colorblindness so that doesn't help -- to me Elvis looks yellow). Francesa the blue bird is much more vocal and aggressive, always chasing Elvis around while he mostly just chills and has a neutral attitude. He doesn't say much. He is always more scared than Francesa when we open the cage....she is always more daring.
I have read a few things about cere colors but we're so confused. We don't know if both are actually female now, or if we have them reversed in gender? We named him Elvis, but now we're not so sure. Budgie experts out there, please help us put this subject to rest.

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The yellow and green bird is a female, it it was a male the cere would be dark blue by now. The blue bird also appears to be female, I cannot really see the cere color too well but on my computer it appears to be brownish, is that the way it is in person, if so the bird is definitely a female, the cere will turn brownish as the hormones rage. I would remove the coconut in the cage, this type of thing tends to trigger hormonal behavior which can result in aggression. What are you feeding the birds, they both appear to be a bit heavy.

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Cody has given you excellent information with regard to removing the coconut hut. Although sold by many pet stores, those are never recommended by this forum, for the reasons given.

It's very fortunate you have two females.
Breeding is not something that should be entered into without extensive knowledge and experience regarding budgies and the best practices with regard to their care. Domestic budgies are much healthier and happier when they are never bred.
Too many people buy a mixed gender pair without knowing even the basics of budgie care.

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