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What a difference a few months makes

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Sometimes I don't realize how much the birds change after the first moult.

Perry and Patty as babies

Perry and Patty now, Patty doesn't look too different but Perry does I think
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My oliver changed color. When i got him he was olive from head to toe now his head and face is more yellow
What a darling pair. It looks like Patty has gotten darker, but a Perry needs to stop hogging the camera and let us get a better view. :laughing:
The pictures are wonderful and definitely document the changes in your beautiful birds coloring.
Thanks for sharing them with us.

Perry is SO gorgeous I'd "budgie-nap" him in a NY minute if I could get away with it! :giggle:

:spy: :peep: :behindsofa: :undwech:
It is fun to see them change as they grow up. They are both adorable budgies.
Indeed your Perry changed a lot and he has even more beautiful colours now! ;)
wow ! how much months is that? I wonder when my baby budgie boy will have that blue nose because now it's pinkish like in your first picture. adoable budgies ! :) love those colors
They are about 6 months now.
Is that what they call spangle? I have a budgie I rescued from a flea market with colors like Perry. The seller called it a spangle; New one to me!
Yes, to my knowledge Perry is a spangle.
They are both awesome... I didn't realize the color could change that much with the 1st moult.
They are adorable!! And they both changed so much! It's like different birds! :D thanks for sharing!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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