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Good Day Everyone,

Springtime has arrived,want to clean those windows and doors and sweep the walkway? That's great-but hold on a sec....where's your bird? Springtime has us all opening our doors and windows,make sure your bird is safe. In our home,we have a simple system. We put a post-it note over each doorknob that simply states"where's Gracie?". You have to stop and think before opening a door here.
(got kids? have them make decorative doorknob hangers)

All Seasons can bring heavy rain, wind storms and snow storms, so make sure your window screens are always securly in place after each storm.

Prevention-that's the ticket!

But unfortunately accidents will happen. So here's an idea. Open a folder on your computer and call it "in case my bird goes missing" in it put:
Phone numbers and e-mail addresses of local vets,animal shelters,newspapers and radio stations in your area. Report your missing bird by telephone to these institutions asap and follow it up with and e-mail. Type a detailed description of your bird and attach a photo if you can for the email.

You can also report your bird missing on Twitter, FaceBook and here at Talk Budgies. Check Craigslist frequently to see any reports of found birds in your area.

Put their cage outside. If they see it they will return to it. A good way to get their attention if they are closeby is to play audio budgie sounds. You can access these quickly on YouTube by simply searching "budgie sounds." Turn the volume up and put the speaker near the cage.

Make a flyer.

Post it everywhere,local stores,schools,libraries,churches,hospitals and anywhere else you can think of.

I hope you never have to open this folder but if you do you won't have to waste precious time looking up phone numbers and email addresses. Gathering all the information you can now and having it available will give you peace of mind in case you ever need it. It will all be ready.

Let's make this summer a safe and happy one for our bird friends

Have any other suggestions-please share!

Edit: Given the extreme weather conditions all around the planet in recent years, checking doors and window screens frequently is always a good idea. Not just in the Springtime, but all year long.
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