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Finding someone to care for your beloved budgie(s) when you are away can be challenging, stressful and overall frustrating. Some members do not have close friends or neighbors they can rely on.

It is a good practice to do a bit of research prior to needing someone in case you have an unexpected event arise where care for your pets is needed.

Even though some pet-care providers indicate on their website they care for dogs and cats, with a phone call you can determine if they are willing to extend those services to budgies as well.
There are various organizations you can contact, and locating them is as simple as doing a Google Search on your computer for: Pet Sitters Near Me
Inquires made on apps such as “Nextdoor” may yield recommendations for a trusted pet carer you might not find otherwise.

There are options for care.
You might want someone who comes to your home twice daily to check the food, water, change the cage paper, cover/uncover the bird's cage and spend some time with your budgies.
Or, you may decide having someone on premises full-time better meets your personal needs.

The organizations listed below are a few suggestions you might try in your search but, by no means limit yourself to just the ones listed.

Sit and Stay Pets

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters

House Sitters

You may also have a "Nextdoor" app for your community depending on your location:

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