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Wiki's Tricks: Clicker Training Props & Behaviours

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Well, it's 5 months into my clicker training and I wanted to share this one:

[nomedia=""]Tricky Wiki 2 - YouTube[/nomedia]

I'm very, very proud of what this clever little fellow has taught me.

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Was wondering where did you purchase your props from?

I went to every local and online pet store that I can find. I have not found one that is budgie-sized. Especially the basketball hoop and the ball. The problem with the online stores that I found on amazon and ebay, the ball is attached to the hoop via a metal chain which makes it difficult to train my budgies to fetch the ball. While the others are just too big for a budgie. So I had to crush a small piece of paper and use a cup to teach them.

Your bowling ball trick is simply amazing. Must teach my budgie to do that. Lol.

Please tell me where to get these budgie size props.

Thanks :)
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It's always tricky knowing what's budgie sized, isn't it? If anyone wants some of these props, I'm happy to help you get them!

The little basket came from South Australian Bird Company - they've got some great kit. They'll sell & post to anyone in Australia, but they're not ready to sell online or to overseas. They have a large selection of toys and DIY toy parts which are great for budgies (I have tiny cups, maracas all sorts of things!). I grab their parrot foot toys which are about the right size for budgies. They also have the Zoo-Max toys (which are budgie sized) and a few nice play gyms and a "fitness centre: which comes with a barbell and a basketball ring.

The slinky I can get my hands on easily - they're from my local supermarket. The ball I use for fetch is actually one of those perch toys with the small balls that spins - I took the ball out of that, as most cat balls are too big. The bowling set I got from ebay and replaced the ball bearing with a small marble.

If you're interested in a basketball set like mine, I can have a hunt around and source the parts and put a couple together to post? Happy to do that!
Omg! If that is possible, that will be great. Thank you so much.

Just wondering how do I make payment to you, via paypal?

The thing is I am leaving Perth on 24th November, right after my exams. Than I will be coming back the following year February. I was wondering if it is not too much of a trouble, would you be able to post it to Singapore for me?

I love to have 2 X of your basketball sets and 2 X bowling sets :D

Just curious, approximately how much will that be if not inclusive of the postage cost?

Thanks a bunch!


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Bowling is on ebay - this is the one I bought. It's not cheap, but it is just the right size and there's a lot of detail in it:

You'll need to replace the ball with a glass marble, as the ball bearing is too big for them to push and is a mirrored surface, so it's distracting. You could grab one from there and have it posted straight home to Singapore.

I've got 2 of the little balls spare in my kit, so I can pick up a couple of basketball kits in town next Tuesday, and then post it anywhere you like. PM me an address and I'll work out the postage (should be cheap - they're very light) and we can have a crack at Paypal. The balls are light enough for them to fly with as well.

I'll try and put together a few more kits and organize it on ebay down the track to make it a bit easier :D

I like to apologize for the late reply, got to study for my exams:(

Nice I never really though of going down the kids section to look for toys. You are so smart! :)

Woohoo! I am gonna have my own basket set. At least I can keep 1 set for myself and give the other set to my girlfriend.

Sure I will pm you my address now. I don't mind either, ebay or Paypal is fine with me :) I trust Australians, very honest bunch of people! :D I lost my wallet and handphone a few times, I always get it back. :)
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