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Wiki's Tricks: Clicker Training Props & Behaviours

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Well, it's 5 months into my clicker training and I wanted to share this one:

[nomedia=""]Tricky Wiki 2 - YouTube[/nomedia]

I'm very, very proud of what this clever little fellow has taught me.

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Wow you have done a fantastic job you have smart budgie and parrot. Where did you find those things ill have to look around for small things to put into a box. Do you think Indi can do this. Indi is in one those moods at the moment with breeding season on he has a thing for his bell it is his comfort bell. If i use little pellets for treats for teaching him a trick maybe indi can do this to. Indi knows his way around the house and he flys from the lounge room to his cage. Do you think Indi can do this. but it looks hard to do can i do this to teach Indi
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Wiki RULZ! I love all his video's. He's so clever and you are a brilliant trainer!
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The rings colour sorter and the teach box are zoo max toys, and many other training things, food, toys, foraging things etc. can be bought here:
(supporting the PRC at the same time!) Budgies need the small size.

Lyn: I think Indi would respond very well to clicker training, as he loves to do things and is quite tame. Maybe we can do a clicker Skype meeting one day and I can show you how to start!

Lynda: thanks :) I think he's pretty smart, and I believe all our little ones are just as clever as the big guys. It's our mission to prove it!
Another awe inspiring moment brought to you by Wiki and Ann Marie!. you two are incredible.
:iagree: I TOTALLY agree with Rick! You and Wiki are quite AMAZING.
AnnMarie - I am absolutely "Bowled Over" by Wiki's talents, and your prowess as his trainer - Just Brilliant!
Wow that is some fantastic training, and it has inspired me to train Freki some more. I can recall him from 10ft away but thats about it, oh and he can ring the bell when he wants to come out the cage for playtime. :D

I don't know how i managed to train him without clicker training tho... it didn't take that long either, he's really smart and i want to see exactly how smart he really is. He has so much potential

Oh yeah and he knows not to "scream" haha
There's nothing magic about the clicker, it's just an extra clear message that allows precision of reinforcement. You're probably using another reinforcer - for example, ringing the bell to come out, each time you take him out for ringing the bell, you reinforce the behaviour with the reward. Or if each time you recall, you give him something he wants - interaction, treats, special praise, company, then you're reinforcing that.

The other way of looking at it is that your bird is training you :). Birds are excellent at using negative reinforcement (where we do things to avoid a negative consequence) on us - and punishment (where things we do produce a negative consequence). Screaming is a very strong negative reinforcer for us, and works very effectively for both those situations. If you take Freki out to stop him incessantly ringing the bell, then he is training you with negative reinforcement :)
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I really enjoy your videos!!! Keep 'em coming!

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Wiki is adorable and very talented!

Trick Medley

Just keeping this thread up to date, as other threads get closed off:

Here's the full length version of our entry for the TB 2013 Bird Show:

[nomedia=""]Wiki's Trick Medley (Extended Remix) - YouTube[/nomedia]

Why the full thing?

Well, the interesting thing is that this was done in one take, and on the first take. I just kept going and trying to keep Wiki focused on the task. It's also a demonstration of the use of variable rewarding (which I'm not very good at - I have a lot to learn about keeping the focus on task better!).

It's actually edited down from 6-7 minutes of playing - he just kept doing whatever he wanted, rather than what I asked, to see if he could get me to give him a reward :D Based on that, I just started giving him random things to do based on what props he chose. I think it's fair play!

My husband (who was filming) said some people wouldn't believe it if they didn't see it - the way that Wiki and I communicate with each other. Wiki understands what I am asking him to do, and I understand what he wants. If he asks Wiki to do things in the same way, Wiki will do it for him, too - I think I'll have to film that, next.

Tricks in this medley:
Recall / Targeted flying
Turn Around
Slinky spring run
Basketball, 2 hoops
Teach box shapes
Flighted Basketball - from bench and floor
Coin in pot
Colour sorter

(Yes, it's almost his entire repertoire - the only tricks missing are bell ringing, picking up odd props (screwdrivers, cups, maracas) and targeting stick.)
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I love to watch you two. You are both so talented. I expect you will be next on the Today show :D Good luck in the Talent show!!!
Absolutely Brilliant! Love to watch the Two of you!!!
Thanks Rick & Ollie! I'm glad you enjoyed it :). He's such a good bird!
AnnMarie your budgie is really talented you did a good job training him must of took a long time to do. Do you think that I can train Indi like that. I d love Indi to do tricks like your budgie does i spend a lot of time with Indi and if i can get him to do the tricks wow that would be great. Then everyone can see once he learns. Can Indi do this?
Well done WIki!!!! You're the best!

I wish I could train chili to do it. She's just a scardey cat :)
I really want to encourage anyone who wants to try this to go for it - our birds are very bright, and I'd love to see more trained budgies out there! It doesn't take a lot of time, it's a stack of fun, and it really does work!
Well, I bought something to use, so we can now add the slide (or a slippery dip we would call it over here..) to Wiki's list of tricks :D

It says processing check back later. I can't wait to see :).
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