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I'm so glad to hear you've managed to find a different vet and will be looking forward to hearing the outcome of that visit!

You might consider whether you think it would be worth giving him Guardian Angel or Pedialyte

Guardian Angel//Pedialyte//Pedialyte Recipe
Thanks Faery! I have GA but it contains Zinc, so I’m trying to avoid supplementing with anything that might add to his heavy metal load just for now. I have been adding Calcivet to his water though, which I think is giving him a little boost!


Today is Jack’s one month ‘rebirth day’ - exactly 4 weeks since we was supposed to be PTS! Here he is snoozing on my leg with his pal Cloud the cockatiel, while I type this. (Excuse his face feathers - medication makes them a bit sticky and spiky!)
I’m just so happy he’s still with us all!

He’s now up to 29g, compared to the tiny 24.5 he weighed in at the vets with - that’s a gain of more than 20%!
Like his weight, improvements are gradual, but noticeable.

This week his flying has really become phenomenal - he can now fly almost as well as he always did, but tires more quickly than he did before. Considering when he first came home he couldn’t get up off the floor this is a massive improvement!

The downside to this is, he now knows when medication-time is coming and becomes incredibly hard to catch! 🤣 He’s also started being stubborn about which cage he wants to go in etc - all signs of his old, bossy self returning again!

He’s still very quiet - selfishly, I’m still holding out hope that I’ll one day hear him sing or chatter again. He’ll contact-call with his mate and join in with general shouting with the rest of the flock, but that lovely “all is well and I’m a happy little budgie” song is still absent, and I’d so like to know that he really IS happy. He certainly seems to be though, when he’s chewing on my Amazon delivery boxes and stealing my toast crusts!

He still looks quite ill, but mostly I think because he’s really quite overdue a moult. I suspect his body put the brakes on that once he started to get sick, which makes sense as a way to conserve energy and nutrients! He’s spending more time than ever grooming himself and trying to wipe off the mess I make when I’m syringing his medication, but as I keep reminding us both, feather appearance is usually one of the slowest things to change after an illness. It’s like judging a cancer patient’s recovery by their hair regrowth - not useful, and really just a distraction from the important and brilliant things that ARE going on!

thanks for all your ongoing interest and support. Here’s hoping I’ll be checking in with a second month rebirth day update again this time next month!

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Such good news, that's great that he is gaining weight again, he looks so content there with his pal Cloud. Hope to hear more good news in the future.

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Jack is such a sweetheart and I'm so glad he's improving. 💙
It's great that he has such a good friend as Cloud to keep him company and give him moral support.
I'll be looking forward to more positive updates about this little darling.
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