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Zachy pants and waddlesworth Mcnugget

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So these 2 are additional needs and are kept seperate from the rest of the flock. Waddlesworth had 2 broken legs that have healed contracted before she came to me. She also has a healed wing and pelvis fracture poor love was pretty dinged up she's a feisty nugget. Zachy pants or budgiezilla as I call him is a splay leg chunk nugget. They sit where I work during the day and zachy is a mimic


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Blue Green Azure Wood Line

Play time
Joint Shoulder Tie Neck Sleeve

Zach asleep on his aunty
Purple Art Wood Electric blue Pattern

Love pure love (perches are cleaned daily)
Bird Green Macaw Parrot Beak

Waddlesworth post capture
Paint Font Art Food Cuisine

Oops I did it again. Zach is in the box btw telling everyone he was mad
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Today I got pictures of her feet she has calloused feet because they bruise easily she also has calloused joints poor lovey
Bird Eye Vertebrate Beak Parrot

Azure Headgear Pink Tints and shades Nail
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I'm SO glad you are giving these beauties a safe and loving home. There is definitely a special place in heaven for you. 💜💜
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