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Pegg 02-25-2016 03:37 PM

Banana's Journal (On-going Thread)
Banana is the sweetest little friend ever. He was diagnosed with a kidney tumor.
There must be somthing I can do for him besides antibiotics. He loves fresh fruit & veggies. Broccoli & Spinach are his favorite!
I have to tell my granddaughter this afternoon. She loves this little guy so much.
Any suggestion will help.

FaeryBee 02-25-2016 04:06 PM


I'm so very sorry to hear Banana has been diagnosed with a kidney tumor. :(

You can try modifying his diet which may help:

Balance nutrition: Low Fat, Low Seed, Focus Vegetables Greens and SPROUTED Seeds with occasional fruit as a treat

Use an Iodine supplement to stimulate the thyroid gland and metabolism of fatty tissues.

Stimulate exercise twice daily to help with weight and fat reduction.

You can also use the herb "Knotgrass" which is a plant related to buckwheat and dock.
This plant is also called prostrate knotweed, birdweed, pigweed and lowgrass. Latin name: Polygonum Avicular

I have read anecdotal accounts of this herb helping to reduce or eliminate tumors in budgies.

You can allow him to eat as much of the knotweed as he wants as he can't "overdose" on it.

You can also take a look at the video's posted by Dr. Ross Perry
Budgie Cancer disappears - Budgie Health

I'm wishing all the best for you and Banana and praying for your little guy.

Please be sure to update us on his condition in this thread. :hug:

Pegg 02-25-2016 08:24 PM

Thanks, I order some knotgrass and I'm going by the health food store tomorrow to see if they have it.
Thank you for your help,

LynandIndigo 02-25-2016 09:02 PM

I hope you can make Banana better...

StarlingWings 02-26-2016 12:33 AM

Peg, Banana is a darling and I'm so sorry to hear he's got a tumor! I sincerely hope some of the remedies Deborah has posted will be effective to reduce or eliminate the tumor.

Keep us posted and I'm keeping him in my prayers! :pray:

Pegg 02-26-2016 10:10 AM

Than you for your positive thoughts and prayers.
Banana seems to be the same. He is eating and making some normal bird sounds.
I bought a bathtub mat, cut to fit his cage bottom. He's able to walk on it better than anything I've tried.
He also can stand and eats better. I made sure the mat doesn't have a smell.

I'm open to all suggestions.

Pegg 02-27-2016 04:56 PM

Banana is setting on a perch at the bottom of the cage. He's been climbing all over the cage.
I'm so glad he's responding to the medicine.

Pretty boy 02-28-2016 11:59 PM

banana is in my thoughts and prayers, keep up the great work sometimes miracles do happen. :hug::pray:

shanebudgie 02-29-2016 09:03 AM

I'm so happy to hear that banana is doing much better.keeping her in my prayers for a speedy recovery.blessings :)

Pegg 02-29-2016 01:55 PM

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Thanks everyone for the prayers and positive thoughts!
Banana seems to be doing really good today. He's still not talking. He's making happy bird chatter. I'm waiting for him to talk again. When someone walks in room he always says hello, baby bird or one of many words he mimics and at night he always says nite nite.
We're all excited that he's doing as well as he is!!!!

This is Banana today!

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