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FaeryBee 10-07-2018 08:23 PM

I'm so very sorry for your loss of darling Kiger. :hug:

Kiger was a fortunate budgie to have had you to love and care for him during his time here on earth.

Fly high and soar freely sweet Kiger; rest peacefully now wee man.

sdodo 10-09-2018 02:36 PM

Thank you everyone for the kind words. We still dont know why and we wont know for at least a week, maybe longer depending on if its something obvious like an adnoma or something else.
I found a place on etsy that sells small ceramic urns and will have one made with his name and 'fly high little buddy' under it. We wanted something small and simple for his ashes so I am glad I found this etsy shop.
Its wierd, I hear now and then that flock mates grieve when one of the others pass on, but mine have maybe just been a hint more reserved these past few days. Its possible that they saw his decline and moved on already.
As things are pippin and star are together and max and zigs are together. Not great pair up, star isnt particularly friendly to pip but she isnt max levels of agressive. It works at least for now. I can put in the barrier in the double cage if pip and star get frisky.
Its still hard to believe kiger is gone. Time is all that can help on that front, and the 4 others being their usual silly selves.

I do need a few weeks to get life back in order. I plan to get back to training in part when it doesn't hurt as much as well as when I have school and life stuff back in a managable order. I will probably still pop in now and then to say something about the flock or what we learn from the necropsy, ir just to ponder why the flock does what they do. I can never seem to stay away from the thread for long, its just going to be a bit before i get back on 'topic' :)

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sdodo 10-12-2018 05:23 PM

Still waiting to hear back... makes me a little uneasy but with the holliday (technically Columbus day counts...but i dont know if you university of Minnesota follows that....) and who knows what else on their plate it may take a while still for the U.M to get back to us. Vet had said if it was obvious, like a massive (for a budgie) tumor, we would hear fairly quickly. We will see.

We are having our usual battle for heat again this year (got to love waking up to 63). Birds dont seem to mind, i just have a bunch of fluffy little ones all singing away.

So this weekend I think it will be time to start social experiments (...yay, flock dynamics favorite). A refresher, Star is solo due to being my one hen and being very dominent personality wise. She is agressive toward pip and zigs (not max levels but still...) Max adores pip and star and will attack zigs if he geta between them. Max will also try to breed with star if i give them 5 minutes together. Ziggy is very submissive and likes pip, max and kinda star. Pip is also rather submissive and also likes everyone.
So in theory I could put one of the two dynamic duo (zigs and max) on ether side of the devider and have pip go between the two each day and girl goes to the single cage. Technically i could keep things as they are but then i am dealing with star being brat to pip and pip possibly figuring out what to do with his vent and try breeding with her. Dont ask how i know he doesnt know what to do... call it the joys of summer with 4 boys and 1 girl....
ANYWAY, while technically i dont need to do anything at this point Pip has been left without a friend and star is not filling that role for him. Zigs might be best but then Max will turn green and make all his jellious angry growly cat like noises as he paces along the devider.

-sigh- wish me luck.

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FaeryBee 10-12-2018 08:35 PM

Best of luck, my friend! :hug:

sdodo 10-13-2018 11:54 PM


It took Max a bit to make up his mind before he decided he wanted to be pips buddy and that ziggy shouldnt be around him. So the devider went in place. Pip and zigs on one side max on the other. I had to laugh, since Max was seperate it was safe to leave the room. At some point i hear the sound of a dish being picked uped and dropped, not unusual for star or Max to do. I go out and was treated to Ziggy being a total goof and lifting up his dish and letting it fall. Boyfriend told me later that he saw amother silly ziggy moment where everyone was on the cage floor. Ziggy would run to the devider where Max was and chatter then run to where pippin was by the cage wall. Aparently he did this a few times.

Meanehile star was begging for millet and screaming in my ear if i didnt give her any. -sigh-

We will see how things pan out with the trio. I will switch pip between the two with the hope that eventually they will work things out. Might not happen that way but at least pip seems happy now.

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Hunterkat 10-14-2018 10:00 PM

Best of luck with the flock dynamics :hug:

sdodo 10-15-2018 02:52 PM

We got word today that it was a pituitary adenoma.... while Im not surprised it still hurts. I asked about what causes it. Im guessing its just crummy genetics due to bird mill breeding practices. It got me thinking about what else they might be prone to. I cant worry about what could happen to ziggy and star because they are also petsmart birds but i do better when i know what ti worry about, then go forth blind to the bad things that can happen.

The flock dynamics adventure continues. Im wondering what others would do if they had 3 males, one very aggressive over the other, and the third wanting to be friends with anyone, but mostly the one the agressive one wants?

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Cody 10-15-2018 06:23 PM

At least you now know that there was nothing that you could have done differently, I lost my guy Opie several years ago to the same thing. Yes I do think that the genetics have alot to do with it, there are more cancers now in budgies than 50-60 years ago, another very common one is in the kidneys, I have lost 4 to that.
Hope your flock settles down and sorts things out between them.

sdodo 10-15-2018 11:29 PM


Originally Posted by Cody (Post 4098430)
At least you now know that there was nothing that you could have done differently, I lost my guy Opie several years ago to the same thing. Yes I do think that the genetics have alot to do with it, there are more cancers now in budgies than 50-60 years ago, another very common one is in the kidneys, I have lost 4 to that.
Hope your flock settles down and sorts things out between them.

Thank you Cody

I finally did some reading on the subject. My vet sent me a link to an article that was the results of a study of samples provided from 11 budgies. Im still processing what I read, and i need to go back and re read with google up so i can understand the medical terminology. What I did gather was they are bad. They are more common in American budgies vs. English. It sounds like its a very agressive cancer and (to my surprise on this, with a dash of mild irritation, but short lived irritation) at least the sample size ages ranges from 2 to 5, so relitivly young to middle ages birds.

I will own im angry, at myself for holding out false hope, at the pet industry for birdie mills that only care about the money, the other vets who were so blunt about cancer in american budgies... but that is the grief and I know it. The feels are strong, but they will pass in time.

What I can do now is turn my attention back to the others, cherish their health and strive to keep giving them the best lifes i can give them.

I can also remember what kiger taught me as a pet owner, how sweet he was and what a little stinker he could be. I got him just as I was finally comming out of a difficult time in my life. A friend (ziggy and stars previous owner actually) talked me into getting a parakeet since at the time I was home alone a lot. I picked kiger becuse he was one I knew was a boy by his blue cere. His name came from a youtube channel (team4star for those who may know what im talking about). It was part of a character name they made up, for some reason it what came to mind as we drove home for a name and it stuck. I'd always get a little chuckle when folks who hadnt seen him before tried to read his name. Usually they tried kI ger? (Always that unsure note in their voice) When its really 'key-ger'. I learned about birds and their care with him, the dos and don'ts and have passed that along to my bird friend who in turn is striving to do better herself.
He was a sweet little thing full of love for everyone, but especially for millet. Another fun fact, he was afraid of millet when we got him. It wasnt really until after we got max that he found out about the wonders of millet, and a junkie was born. He was a pro at begging, something he has passed on to pippin and Star.

Oops, well i kinda rambled off. I will laugh if anyone out there can figure out where his name came from. It was always so frustrating to explain the origins so i just said, i made it up.

Thank you everyone for following after all of this. The worst I think has passed. It will hurt when i get his ashes and probably again when i get his urn, but the closure helps.

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Hunterkat 10-16-2018 09:42 PM

Kiger was a sweet little guy. I understand your anger at the pet stores, I worry about Tetra passing on before Niko does just because she is a "birdie mill" bird... I don't get the reference to Kiger's name but that's a really fun story! I named Tetra after a Legend of Zelda character and I always get asked where it came from.
And believe me, you give your all to your birds and you are a fantastic owner.

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