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Training Journals Keep track of your training progress here with a training journal.
Thread Description:Trying to tame my little boy

Closed Thread
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Old 02-14-2017, 03:09 PM
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Default Borealis' (Bori's) Training Journal

5 months old
My little baby bird is five months old and while he trusts me and my co-owner/ boyfriend reasonably well we both would like him to be more friendly. He will sit on your shoulder for hours and hours or sit on the back of your computer while you work but he doesn't like hands. He never got over his " I'm gonna chew on that" phase so he tends to nip at ears and fingers. He is very suspicious of petting but when Cris gets him all covered in his hand and skritches that certain part on his neck he melts. He doesn't take baths or eat vegetables even though we tried. So I'm posting here to document the steps I'm taking with him and his progress.

1.) "Step up" I will approach his cage slowly, first putting my hand on it then slowly putting it in and moving it towards him. Sometimes he bits sometimes not. Once I can touch him I encourage him to step onto my finger and if he does I give him some millet and take him out. He's very good about letting me take him out. Once out I put a finger in front of him and ask him to "step up" and when he does I feed him millet. (hopefully this works)

2.) "Bathe please" I'm going to place a bowl in the bottom of his cage so he gets used to it.

3.) "No biting" Any time he lets me touch him without biting I will give him millet.

4.) I don't know how to get him to know his name. He picked up some other bird noises and R2D2 noises we played for him and will make those but I'm not sure about other vocal commands or sounds.

Let me know what I can do to help in training my little budgie! Any comments or suggestions are welcome!

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Old 02-14-2017, 04:51 PM
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JoTaMi will become famous soon enoughJoTaMi will become famous soon enough

Dear idocello, I am also new in training/bonding/taming, I/ve found tons of helpfull things here on TB stickies e.g. here:
Taming and Bonding - Talk Budgies Forums
Articles: Budgie Training and Bonding - Talk Budgies Forums

Regarding name, I think you only need to repeat his name every time you talk to him, and he will know you are talking to him. (I have noticed that each of my birds pays attention when I say her/his name, they dont react to other names )

Good luck and have fun. I hope I helped until someone more experienced answer
Old 02-14-2017, 08:21 PM
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Hi there

Your budgie is a sweetie!

It sounds like he is already very comfortable with you, so great progress so far!

However, I would advise not to touch him unless he wants you to, which he may not, and that's fine. Most budgies don't like to be "petted"; it's not in their nature to enjoy that sort of contact If he enjoys the little scratches he gets, that's good! Just don't feel that to be tame, he has to like petting, because that is totally untrue

and Princess Mallorn!
Thank you to Deb for her wonderful Faery magic
Closed Thread


baby budgie, bathing, biting, budgie, help me, taming bonding, training

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